Father’s Anguish: Seeking Answers in Son’s Tragic Death

A Heart-Wrenching Revelation Ignites Outcry Against Campus Violence

Thiruvananthapuram: The grieving father of Siddharth, a student who died at Pookkot Veterinary College under suspicious circumstances, made a painful revelation during a television discussion.

Heartfelt Revelation

“After the post-mortem, I received a report that my son had not eaten for three days. At least some water would have given him time. Who did this to him? ” “I’m working in the Gulf at this age to support his education,” said Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, speaking at an Asianet News debate moderated by Vinu V. John.

Jayaprakash’s poignant words resonated with the Malayali diaspora community as well. As representatives of the thousands of Malayalis undertaking difficult jobs in the Gulf to support families back home, Jayaprakash’s sorrow struck a chord. Expatriate social media groups widely discussed his statements about Siddharth’s unnatural death, bringing the issue to the notice of non-resident Keralites.

Allegations and Demands

Jayaprakash alleged that his son’s death was not suicide but murder. He accused senior students Akshay and Sinjo of killing Siddharth and making it look like a suicide. Jayaprakash claimed that Siddharth’s friends had disclosed that the Student Federation of India (SFI), which controls the college union, had killed and hanged him.

Jayaprakash demanded the arrest of all 12 SFI activists involved for the truth to emerge. He asserted, “If authorities do not arrest all the accused SFI leaders, we will go on a hunger strike. “I know the house that should be picketed.”

Investigation and Response

A post-mortem report indicates that Siddharth endured horrific mob violence. It shows evidence of kicking in the chest, stomach and strangulation with an object that left neck wounds predating the hanging.

Siddharth’s classmates reported that the union president’s gang thrashed him with an electric wire. The old neck injury is suspected to have resulted from wire strangulation. The report clearly shows boot imprints on the abdomen and chest.

Relatives revealed that his intestines were damaged. Additionally, besides the wire, he was beaten with a belt, which left buckle marks. Experts suggest that he may have been hit while seated, pushed down, and kicked on the floor. There are injuries to the head, cheeks and shoulder, pointing to a brutal assault.

A severe head injury likely occurred when Siddharth fell to the ground after being pushed. Experts say rib injuries from kicking could have proved fatal even without hanging. Meanwhile, the ragging incident resulted in the suspension of six additional students, bringing the total to 18.

The SFI leaders who surrendered to the police will face formal arrest soon. Ten accused are already in custody, and six are absconding. The charges include assault, wrongful confinement, rioting with deadly weapons and abetment of suicide.

Higher Education Minister R. Bindu stated that stern action will be taken regardless of political affiliations. He has instructed the college to install CCTV cameras to prevent future ragging. The dean could face action for failing to inform Siddharth’s family of his death promptly. However, no other complaints were lodged against the dean who transported Siddharth to the hospital.

Illegal Custody and Murder

Siddharth’s custody death raises disturbing questions about student politics and ragging on Kerala campuses. As his father courageously demands answers, the authorities must ensure they deliver justice to the bereaved family. Siddharth’s murder cannot be swept under the carpet. Despite the involvement of SFI and the support from its parent CPM, the ruling party of Kerala state, justice must prevail.

Siddharth’s murder has shed light on the dark underbelly of campus politics and ragging. As investigations continue, the need for transparency, accountability and reform in our educational institutions stands starkly exposed. No family should suffer the agony of losing a child as Jayaprakash did. We owe it to Siddharth’s memory to make our colleges safe spaces for learning and growth.

Ensuring justice and closure for his loved ones is the first step. But the road ahead requires a collective commitment to uproot the scourge of violence and abuse of power in academia. It’s a challenging path, but we must strive to make our campuses living examples of the enlightened future Siddharth embodied. That is how we honour him.

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