Faseela’s Bold Robbery: A Closer Look at the Journey to Capture the Culprit

Insights from CCTV and Eyewitnesses Unveil the Unsuccessful Escape Attempt and Police Dedication

Kochi: Faseela, convicted of the attempted murder of a model in Ottapalam, was arrested for robbery in Tripunithura thanks to skilled police work. The incident occurred after the owner of a chit-fund company was attacked and sprayed with chilli spray at his establishment. CCTV footage and an auto driver’s statement were crucial in catching the culprit.

Last Wednesday morning, Faseela allegedly robbed Premier Chitty Funds in Tripunithura. Under the leadership of Commissioner Shyam Sundar IPS, DCP Sudarshan IPS, and ACP Varghese, the Hill Palace Police team includes SHO Anand Babu, SIs Tolson Joseph and Reshma, ASI Ranjith Lal, and CPOs Paul Michael, Baiju KS, Bindu, and Ansar collaborated with Shafi and Shefiq of the Palakkad Dansaf to apprehend the accused.

Police Investigation Unravels Robbery

It was the skilled investigative work of the police that led to the capture of Faseela, who had committed the robbery without a trace. At 9:30 am, when the office opened, Faseela, disguised with a veil and face cover, sprayed chilli on owner KN Sukumaramenon’s face and beat him with a chair. She stole Rs 10,000 from the table drawer and a 3.25 pavan gold necklace from around the owner’s neck.

After the incident, Faseela went to Tripunithura railway station by automobile and then changed automobiles to reach Karingachira. The initial auto driver had seen her remove the veil and informed Hill Palace police investigating the case. Further probe revealed CCTV footage of Faseela going to the river through an alley, bathing, and returning wet – likely to remove any evidence from her person that dogs could detect. She had also abandoned the veil.

When shown the footage, the attacked business owner identified Faseela, who lived nearby on rent, as the perpetrator. Faseela also had accounts at the man’s chit-fund company using aliases. As instructed, when police called Faseela’s number, she claimed to be at a hospital in Kalamassery but was tracked to Mannarkkad and arrested.

Faseela had lived in a flat near the victim’s house in Tripunithura for two years. After the attack, she escaped by auto to Kannankulangara, removed her veil, and returned on foot. Police scrutinized 25 CCTV cameras and questioned many auto and bus workers to identify Faseela as the culprit.

Faseela was known to visit the victim’s house for meals. Police shared she had four accounts with the man’s chit-fund using false names. She had seen the office cabin where the attack occurred multiple times, likely scoping it out. The CCTV footage proved vital.

Arrest of the Accused

Upon arrest, police recovered the discarded veil. A Tripunithura jeweller traced the stolen gold. Faseela is out on bail after conviction for poisoning her father-in-law, a model, in Koodathai. She also faces trial for poisoning her husband’s grandmother.

Tripunithura robbery shows good police work. Hill Palace Police used CCTV, an auto driver and phone tracking to find the criminal, Faseela. She tried to hide evidence and wear a disguise. But police checked her local house and accounts with the victim. Her past poisoning crimes also helped identify her. The police partners worked patiently to solve the case. They protected the public and brought Faseela to justice. This careful chase of clues shows Kerala’s police skills. It can make citizens trust the police force. Catching even sneaky criminals takes teamwork and intelligent thinking. This case proves the police can uncover the truth.

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