Exposing Abuse: Allegations of Molestation in Siddique Ali’s Karate Institute

Young Victims Speak Out Against Intimidation and Tragic Loss in Edavannapara

Malappuram: In the unfolding of the karate teacher scandal, additional allegations have surfaced against the instructor arrested in connection with the tragic death of a 17-year-old girl in Edavannapara. A former student from his karate class has come forward, disclosing her experience as a victim of persistent harassment by the teacher, Siddique Ali. Allegations further implicate him in the molestation of multiple girls at the karate institute.

The girl said the teacher would touch her body, claiming it was part of the training. Allegedly, the institution abused children as young as eight. The girl said when the harassment became unbearable, she filed a complaint against the teacher. However, she later withdrew it following threats from Siddique Ali.

The girl revealed she knew the child who died in Edavannapara and the torment she endured. She said Siddique Ali would not hesitate to kill her.

Questions Surround Girl’s Death

Karate teacher Siddique Ali is currently in custody in connection with the discovery of the 17-year-old girl’s body in Chaliyar. The Manjeri POCSO court remanded the accused. Police arrested him based on a complaint from the girl’s family alleging the karate instructor molested her. Earlier, a local court remanded Siddique Ali in another POCSO case.

On Monday evening, authorities discovered the body of a 17-year-old 11th-grade student, who had gone missing from her home 100 meters away in the Chaliyar River. The girl’s relatives allege her death was murder. They accused Siddique Ali, suspecting foul play. The girl’s family also claimed the circumstances surrounding her death were suspicious.

According to reports, divers searching discovered the churidar top and shawl she had worn near the location where the girl’s body was found. A witness had stated the dead body had no upper garment on.

Family Alleges Foul Play

The family alleges the girl’s death was murder. Locals saw two young men on a motorcycle arrive suspiciously on the road as the girl left home. The girl’s sister suspects those individuals’ involvement in her death. The reason why the dead body was found without any clothes remains a mystery. The girl’s sister stated that authorities should identify the culprits immediately.

Beforehand, an eyewitness came forward with revelations about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the girl’s body in the Chaliyar River. Revelations indicated a mystery surrounding the death, with drowning appearing unlikely due to the shallow water. The body was discovered in knee-deep water in a river near her house on Monday night. Relatives and locals had been searching for the missing girl since 6 pm when she was located lifeless in the river.

The girl was known to excel in her studies and earned a black karate belt. She was also active in extracurricular activities. After her death, the family came forward, alleging foul play. The girl’s family claimed the karate instructor had been constantly tormenting her. Relatives say she would never have killed herself, as she was determined to fight for justice despite severe mental anguish.

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