Exposed: The Grim Reality of Ragging at Pookode Veterinary College

Breaking the Silence: The Jungle of Fear Surrounding Siddharth's Tragic Ordeal

Kalpatta: New disturbing details have emerged regarding the brutal ragging and subsequent death of Siddharth J.S., a student at Pookode Veterinary College. Although Siddharth was viciously beaten in front of over 130 hostel students, the question remains – why did none of his fellow students speak up or intervene? An atmosphere of fear and intimidation on campus appears to have silenced students who may have wanted to help.

Culture of Fear and Silence

Reportedly, many students faced ragging rituals similar to Siddharth’s before this incident. Additionally, the key accused, Sinjo Johnson, who remains at large, allegedly threatened retaliation if anyone exposed what happened. Sources say no one tried saving Siddharth because such severe hazing was common in the hostel.

Siddharth endured a horrific public trial among the students. Even close friends failed to assist as he was brutally attacked. Police suggest this isolation further mentally weakened Siddharth. However, the unwritten rule on campus is to stay silent if such beatings occur in the hostel.

The brutal beating took place in the hostel courtyard as students mutely observed. After three hours of torture, Sinjo Johnson reportedly threatened the eyewitnesses – revealing anything would cost them their heads. This climate of fear is allegedly the reason why nobody helped Siddharth. With authorities unchecked due to threats, the physically and mentally broken Siddharth took his own life.

The Violent Sports Day

The violence transpired on the night of February 16th, during the college sports days. On the 17th, some watched Siddharth but ignored his condition, believing he posed no risk. Initially deemed an unnatural death, the extent of brutality came to light after the anti-ragging cell intervened. Consequently, twelve accused remain absconding.

Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, accused four SFI-linked senior students of beating, strangling and hanging his son. The post-mortem findings support this. “The police and university are helping rescue the accused,” Jayaprakash alleged.

Beyond ragging, Siddharth had a passion for animals and photography. A brilliant painter, his artwork adorns the family’s home. The educated youth ranked first in school and gained admission to his preferred B.V.Sc program through merit. Locals described Siddharth as always smiling, with no reason to take his own life.

With SFI members implicated, the organization expelled four associated individuals, including the unit secretary. Police currently name 18 accused, of which four are connected to SFI. However, the student political group denies institutional involvement in Siddharth’s death.

As investigations continue, Pookode Veterinary College must reflect deeply on how such inhumanity persisted unchecked on its campus. The traumatic death of talented young Siddharth deserves justice. But it should also spur urgent action to reform institutional safeguards, protect vulnerable students, and ensure this horrific case becomes the last of its kind.

Systemic Failure and Urgent Call to Action

The disturbing details surrounding Siddharth’s death have exposed alarming problems at Pookode Veterinary College. Despite brutal ragging rituals being open secrets on campus, students feared speaking out due to threats and intimidation. This toxic culture of silence and complicity allowed senior students to torture Siddharth for hours unrestrained.

Ultimately, the system failed Siddharth. The authorities, meant to protect students, were absent under a veil of fear and unwritten rules. His peers were too scared to assist him, haunted by past violence. This systemic failure driven by unchecked bullying and repression, cannot continue.

Pookode College must reflect on how cruelty was normalized in its hostels. It should honour Siddharth’s memory through actions, not words. Strict punishments, reformed policies, and better safeguards will be the first steps to rebuilding student trust. No bright young life should face Siddharth’s fate again.

Ragging may be an age-old campus evil, but this tragedy must spur change. Pookode can set an example by confronting past wrongs and rebuilding an environment where students are safe and unafraid. If educational institutions cannot guarantee this basic foundation of care, they have already failed their duty. The loss of Siddharth must not be in vain.

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