Efforts to Save Siddharth’s Killers Exposed. V. D Satheesan

Opposition Leader Warns Against Interference as CBI Probe Looms

Thiruvananthapuram: The Opposition leader, VD Satheesan, has accused the Vice-Chancellor of attempting to sabotage Siddharth’s murder investigation. Satheesan stated that the VC lifted the students’ suspension without even seeking legal advice. The motive behind this, he alleged, is to save the elite individuals on the list. He believes there is massive interference behind the attempt to destroy evidence in the case.

Government’s Response to Public Pressure

This case pertains to a student who suffered physical assault and was restrained by the SFI leadership. The government has ordered a CBI investigation following protests by the Opposition, led by student and women’s youth organizations. According to Satheesan, the government agreed to order a CBI probe due to fear of protests in the election context.

Satheesan pointed out that the same people who killed and hanged Siddharth later untied him and took him to the hospital. He claims attempts are being made to destroy evidence before the CBI arrives.  Police are not following proper procedures for handing over the case. He alleged that the government and the university are trying to save the accused.

Resolute Stand Against Political Interference in Siddharth’s Case

“When the media’s attention shifted to the election, they were trying to subvert the case again,” Satheesan said. He cautioned that the Opposition would vigorously resist any attempts to overturn the case, standing firmly with Siddharth’s family in their quest for justice.

Satheesan also highlighted that SFI criminals have learned nothing from Siddharth’s murder. He highlighted instances where students faced attacks, like Amal, who assailants brought home and beat up in Koilandi, and a 51-year-old dance teacher in Thiruvananthapuram, who attackers took to his room, beat up, and later committed suicide. Satheesan questioned what happened to the investigation into these cases.

Satheesan accused Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan of shielding SFI criminals, stating, “The Chief Minister’s actions are akin to using an umbrella to shield mistakes, justifying them as life-saving operations.”

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