DYFI’s Manipulative Tactics: Flex Placed Before Siddharth’s House in Murder Case

Family Rejects DYFI's False Narrative Amidst Tragic Loss"

Thiruvananthapuram, In a shocking move, the CPM and its youth wing DYFI have installed a flex board outside the residence of Siddharth, claiming the deceased Pookkod Veterinary College student was an SFI activist. Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, finds the act as a DYFI manipulation of Siddharth’s death and created opportunistic attempts to repair damage caused to SFI’s reputation by his son’s alleged murder.

Political Opportunism Unveiled

DYFI is trying to take advantage even in death,” said an outraged Jayaprakash. He alleged being pressured to change the board’s text but refused. According to classmates, Siddharth was forced to join SFI but never accepted it willingly. This makes the flex board’s portrayal of him as an SFI activist contentious. SFI state president Anushree’s visit to the grieving family in Nedumangad had backfired earlier. Jayaprakash confronted Anushree with grim details of his son’s custodial torture.

“For three days, my son was brutally beaten in his hostel room without even water. How could these students commit such an atrocity against a classmate?” he had asked.

Allegations and Confrontation

Jayaprakash revealed to Anushree that he possessed video evidence showing Siddharth’s murder by SFI unit members. He accused senior student Sincho of leading the torture due to personal jealousy as Siddharth excelled in his studies. Jayaprakash alleged that Siddharth’s friends were forced to join SFI and made to watch the assaults. Despite 12 students, including Sincho, being suspended after the death, Jayaprakash claimed none were named as accused due to political influence.

Siddharth’s mother, Sheeba, did not speak to the visiting SFI leaders. The family’s revelations have dented SFI’s image in the case.

The flex board installed subsequently appears to be a bold attempt to salvage the SFI’s reputation by falsely depicting Siddharth as an activist. The move has only deepened public skepticism about the student organization’s alleged role in the murder.

The tragedy of Siddharth’s death has been further compounded by attempts to distort the truth. The flex board installed by SFI’s parent organizations rubs salt on the fresh wound. In vainly trying to repair its image, the SFI stands accused of prioritizing politics over human decency. However, truth ultimately prevails over propaganda. Siddharth’s courageous father continues to fight for justice boldly, backed by the public’s support.

As the investigation progresses, we hope facts emerge and guilt is assigned where it lies. No misguided flex can ever erase the core issue – a young life was brutally snatched away. Let us continue to demand accountability and fundamental change to prevent another Siddharth from meeting the same fate. That should be political will. That is the only natural justice.

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