Dr. Ruwais’s Crisis: Potential Degree Revocation and Message Deletion Controversy

A Tale of Broken Trust: The Unraveling of a Prominent Medical Student Amid Dowry Scandal

Thiruvananthapuram: Dr Ruwais, a prominent figure in the medical students’ rights movement, now faces arrest in connection with the tragic death of young doctor Shahna. He is well known for leading protests after the murder of Vandanadas. This Kottarakkara-based doctor’s activism against the health minister’s controversial speech had gained attention on social media.

The police have formally registered the arrest of Dr Ruwais in the case of Dr Shahna’s death. Police are set to produce him before the court today itself. The Kazhakootam ACP Prithviraj confirmed the availability of evidence indicating Dr. Ruwais’s role in pushing Dr. Shahna to suicide.

Dr Ruwais, who is associated with Thiruvananthapuram Medical College’s Ortho Department, spoke about issues in the health sector. And criticize the government for security concerns faced by the doctors in the state. However, recent events have raised serious questions about his conduct. He demanded gold, a huge sum of money and a BMW car as a dowry that allegedly contributed to a classmate’s suicide.

Dr Shahna, who also pursued her studies in the surgery department of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, faced mental distress due to these demands, ultimately leading to her untimely demise.

Jassim Nas, Shahna’s brother, shared that Shahna held a positive opinion of Dr. Ruwais, the association president, and their connection deepened. However, the dowry-related issues took a toll on Shahna’s mental well-being, prompting her tragic decision.

The repercussions for Dr. Ruwais extend beyond legal consequences. Dr Mohanan Kunnummal, the Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University, highlighted the possibility of cancelling Dr. Ruwais’s MBBS degree if found guilty in court. Students at the time of admission sign an affidavit acknowledging potential degree cancellation under the Dowry Prohibition Act.

While taking affidavits involving all students, the process occurs at the start of each batch. The university clarified that the legality of such actions would be subject to further examination. If Dr. Ruwais is found guilty, the potential revocation of his degree is part of Kerala University’s stance.

The investigation into Dr Shahna’s death has taken a technological turn. Dr Ruwais’s mobile phone messages indicating his connection to the case have been deleted. Police will subject the phone to a detailed cyber check to recover crucial information.

Dr Ruwais, aware of the impending legal proceedings, was taken into custody from a relative’s house in Karunagapally, Kollam. There were unsuccessful attempts to locate him at his hostel and residence in Thiruvananthapuram. That prompted concerns that he might attempt to evade authorities.

In response to the serious nature of the case, Dr Ruwais has been suspended from his position at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Health Minister Veena George expressed the gravity of the situation, directing relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and take strict action.

The incident has brought legal consequences for Dr Ruwais and sparked a broader conversation about the pressing issues surrounding dowry and its impact on individuals’ lives. The suspension underscores the significance of addressing such matters seriously within the medical

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