Dr. Ruwais Arrested: Phone Seized, Chats Missing

Suspected Evidence Tampering in Dr. Ruwais Case: Cyber Forensics to Recover Deleted Chats

A significant development related to Dr. Shahna, a young medical professional from Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, and her boyfriend. Dr Ruwais was taken into police custody from his hideout in Krunagapilliy, Kollam. And confiscated his phone for a cyber forensic check. This action was prompted by the unfolding events surrounding the tragic death of Shahna, a bright student in the Department of Surgery at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

When the police took Ruwais into custody, they also seized his phone, intending to scrutinize its contents for any clues or evidence. However, it was discovered that the chats and messages on Ruwais’s phone had been intentionally deleted. The focus has shifted to Dr Shahna’s phone, slated for testing to uncover potential leads or information.

The police have sent Ruwais’s phone for a cyber examination to retrieve deleted data, especially on platforms like WhatsApp. It can provide crucial insights into the events leading to Shahna’s tragic end. It is strongly believed that Ruwais may have erased information from his phone.

The arrest of Dr. Ruwais took place in Karunagapally, Kollam, where he had been hiding. Following the apprehension, Ruwais was taken to Thiruvananthapuram for police interrogation. The arrest unfolded at a relative’s house in Karunagappally after exhaustive searches failed to locate Ruwais.

Ruwais now faces serious charges, specifically under the non-bailable section related to the abetment of suicide. The allegations stem from his purported withdrawal from marrying Shahna. Decisions are believed to be influenced by dissatisfaction with the dowry offered. Shahna firmly believes Ruwais will stand by her despite familial pressure for a substantial dowry. The prospect of a registered marriage crumbled when Ruwais proved unwilling to proceed.

The fallout from this shattered promise had severe consequences on Shahna’s mental well-being. And that leads to a profound state of depression and, tragically, suicide. Allegations are that Shahna took this drastic step due to the strain caused by Ruwais’s withdrawal from the marriage.

Shahna’s family, in statements given to the police, asserted that Ruwais had sought a considerable dowry. And backed out from marriage when their offer fell short. This disclosure prompted the police to file a case against Ruwais. Further investigations to determine the extent of his family’s involvement in the dowry demands.

The aftermath of these events saw Ruwais being removed from his position as the president of the PG Doctors Association. The planned union between Shahna and Ruwais was initially marked by joy and anticipation. They were separated due to disagreements over dowry, including the demand for a BMW car, gold, and a specified amount of land. Shahna’s family, unfortunately, found themselves unable to meet these stringent demands. And that resulted in the cancellation of the marriage and the heartbreaking loss of Shahna’s life.

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