Dowry Demands Lead to Tragic End: The Disturbing Case of Shahna’s Suicide

Unveiling the Dark Side of Dowry: A Deep Dive into the Investigation of Shahna’s Unfortunate Demise

Thiruvananthapuram: Shahna’s tragic suicide following the collapse of her marriage over exorbitant dowry demands has taken a disturbing turn. During its investigation, the Women’s Commission heard vital revelations from Shahna’s mother. She disclosed that the prospective groom’s family, interested in marrying Shahna, a PG doctor at the medical college, demanded an exorbitant dowry of 150 Sovereign of Gold, 15 acres of land, and a BMW car. The Commission officials have urged Shahna’s mother to provide a statement to the medical college police, potentially advancing the case.

The police recorded Shahna’s brother’s statement and took a criminal case against the groom. Shahna’s suicide, involving anaesthesia medicine, prompted the medical college police to register a case of unnatural death. Allegedly, Shahna took this drastic step due to depression after her friend withdrew from the marriage due to an inability to meet the demanded dowry. Family members are pushing for an incitement to suicide charge against the accused friend.

The Women’s Commission Chairperson, P. Sathidevi, highlighted that if concrete proof of dowry negotiation emerges, it could lead to charges under the Dowry Prohibition Act. The police will seek the Women’s Commission report, and if dowry discussions are substantiated, charges may be filed. Devi mentioned that if dowry becomes a catalyst for suicide, abetment to suicide charges could also apply.

Shahna, focused on her studies, had rejected previous marriage proposals. However, a proposal from a former state president of the Keral Medical PG Association and a senior at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College caught her interest. The groom’s family, demanding excessive gold immediately after the proposal, posed a financial challenge for Shahna’s family. Shahna’s mother openly communicated this struggle to the Women’s Commission.

The commission acknowledged that Shahna faced a dilemma about facing her colleagues after the marriage broke down. Her mother’s testimony suggests that Shahna was distressed about not being able to gather the required dowry and, consequently, couldn’t confront her peers at college.

The Women’s Commission Chairperson, P. Satidevi, emphasized that dowry issues are prevalent in educated families. She urged girls to show courage in rejecting relationships that demand dowry. The commission members, VR Mahilamani and Elizabeth Mamman Mathai supported these sentiments.

Shahna’s marriage plans were well-known among teachers and friends. Following the breakdown of the engagement, Shahna struggled to face her peers in college. Her mother revealed that Shahna expressed her inability to raise the necessary funds and feared societal judgment.

The Women’s Commission sees potential grounds for filing a case based on Shahna’s mother’s statement. The issue of dowry, particularly when associated with suicide, is a grave concern, and authorities are considering appropriate legal actions. Shahna’s family hesitates to pursue the case due to the accused friend’s influential political background.

Shahna’s father, Abdul Aziz, passed away two years ago, and she has two brothers. As a PG student in the Department of Surgery at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, Shahna was discovered unconscious in her flat near the medical college on Monday night. Despite being rushed to the hospital, her life could not be saved.

This unfolding tragedy raises critical questions about the societal pressures related to dowry demands and the profound impact they can have on individuals, especially in educated circles. The investigation and potential legal actions should shed light on the complexities of this case and contribute to a broader conversation about dowry-related issues in contemporary society.

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