Dowry Demands and Tragedy: The Role of Dr. Ruwais and His Father in Dr. Shahna’s Death

The Unraveling of a Relationship: Money Over Love, A Father’s Greed, and SFI Shamed

Thiruvananthapuram: A concerning situation has emerged as another doctor affiliated with the SFI revealed that money was prioritized over everything in his relationship. Dr. Ruwais, a leader among medical students, conveyed to his girlfriend, a doctor, that he couldn’t go against his father’s wishes, even though he initially promised to contribute as much as possible. Unfortunately, it was Dr. Ruwais’s father who was insistent on receiving a substantial dowry, leading to the tragic suicide of Dr. Shahna. Shahna’s brother has brought forth a startling revelation, suggesting that both the son and the father should be held accountable.

Ruwais’s father demanded more dowry and expressed dissatisfaction with the offered amount, despite Ruwais assuring that he would provide as much as he could. The situation escalated when Ruwais insisted on a larger dowry, clearly stating that he couldn’t go against his father’s wishes. Shahna’s brother sheds light on how Ruwais emphasized the significance of money to his sister.

Had Ruwais agreed, the marriage could have at least been registered, but he stood firm in his demands, as disclosed by his brother, Jassim Nas. This revelation suggests that Ruwais’s father should also be implicated. However, some argue that insufficient evidence might implicate the accused.

Ruwais’s father dropped hints that the offered dowry was inadequate, prompting Ruwais to make specific demands. He insisted on particular items and made it clear that he couldn’t defy his father. As provided by Shahna’s brother, these details raise questions about the father’s involvement in the case. Dr. Ruwais now faces charges of abetting suicide and violations under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Initially considered a case of unnatural death, Ruwais was arrested based on the statements of Shahna’s sister and mother.

Concerns were raised when the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College police did not immediately file a case against Ruwais. However, during the police’s recent investigation, Shahna’s mother revealed that Shahna and Ruwais, the president of the doctors’ association, were close and considering marriage. Shahna’s mother disclosed that Ruwais’s family demanded a substantial dowry during the marriage planning phase. After the engagement fell apart, Shahna stayed home for a month.

Upon realizing the situation, Shahna’s family sent her back to medical college, but she returned home and tragically took her own life. Ruwais was charged after his mother insisted that the suicide was linked to depression stemming from the broken engagement, a statement supported by Shahna’s sister. Shahna’s family had initially agreed to provide five acres of land and a car as dowry, but Ruwais insisted on a BMW car, 15 acres of land, and gold in addition to it. The marriage collapsed when these demands could not be met.

Shahna’s family contends that her marriage was arranged at the beginning of her PG studies, and it ended due to a dowry dispute. They allege that the groom’s relatives demanded a substantial dowry just before the wedding. Shahna’s brother reported that she suffered from depression after the engagement ended. The police are actively investigating the case, considering the statements from Shahna’s relatives and the contents of her suicide note, which align with the accusations made by the family.

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