Dowry Allegations and Tragedy: Medical PG State President Implicated in Dr. Shahna’s Death

Unsaid Accusations and Legal Actions: The Silent Indications and Non-Bailable Case in the Wake of Dr. Shahna’s Demise

In Thiruvananthapuram, the Kerala Medical Post Graduates Association indirectly pointed fingers at the state president, Dr. Ruwais, for the dowry-related suicide of Dr. Shahna. Subsequently, the police filed a non-bailable case against Dr. Ruwais. He faces charges under the Dowry Prohibition Act and stands accused of driving Dr Shahna to suicide. Dr. Ruwais, previously the state president of the Medical PG Association, was removed from his position after the controversy. The police claim strong evidence supports the charges, but Dr Ruwais is hiding.

Dr. Shahna, a PG student in the Surgery Department at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, tragically died by suicide, allegedly due to the immense dowry demands from the groom’s family. Dr Ruwais, previously set to marry Dr Shahna, withdrew from the marriage due to the excessive dowry requested by his family. Dr Shahna’s relatives insist that the pressure from this situation left her mentally shattered.

While Dr Shahna’s suicide note hints at dowry harassment, Dr Ruwais has not commented on the incident. The Health Minister has ordered an inquiry into the dowry-related allegations, seeking a report. Dr. Shahna’s family, facing financial difficulties after her father’s recent death, is hesitant to pursue the case against Dr. Ruwais, who comes from an influential political family.

The Medical PG Association issued a press release addressing the dowry issue without naming Dr. Ruwais. The organization opposed dowry and social evils, announcing that the accused official, presumably Dr. Ruwais, would step down during the investigation. The Association affirmed its support for the victim and promised full cooperation with the inquiry.

The controversy involves a ‘comrade’ student leader from the orthopaedics department who proposed to Dr. Shahna. This student leader, associated with SFI politics, is avoiding police action. Dr Shahna’s family initially did not file a dowry complaint. Still, her mother later disclosed the matter to the Women’s Commission, leading to the case.

This case draws parallels to the Wismaya case in Kollam, where dowry-related issues led to a tragic end. Dr Shahna’s family, while promising dowry to the prospective groom, faced exorbitant demands, causing emotional distress and ultimately leading to Dr Shahna’s suicide. The accused student leader, who holds a prominent role in the rights struggles of PG doctors, is now unresponsive, with an inactive phone.

In summary, the tragic death of Dr. Shahna has brought forth serious dowry-related allegations, implicating Dr. Ruwais and a student leader. The case highlights the complexities and consequences of dowry-related pressures, sparking inquiries and legal actions.

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