Delays in Veena Vijayan’s Questioning and Fast Developments in Karuvannur Investigations

Updates on Exalogic Probe, Karakonam Response Awaited, and Speculations on Political Impacts

Kochi: Reports indicate that Veena Vijayan, daughter of Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, may not face questioning by SFIO before the election. This development arises from the month-long controversy surrounding the ongoing SFIO investigation into her involvement with a black sand company. Veena’s questioning in the SFIO investigation was postponed until the ongoing Lok Sabha elections ended.

Intensification of Probe into Karuvannur Cooperation Scam

Meanwhile, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is expected to intensify its probe into the Karuvannur cooperation scam. The move comes after the High Court directed a speedy investigation. However, the CPM party believes the ED might take strict action regarding the Karuvannur Cooperative Bank fraud case.

Acting on this assessment, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan visited Thrissur and held discussions with the CPM leadership. The party has assured full protection to the state committee members accused. Vijayan has issued instructions to the district leadership regarding this matter. During his visit, the Chief Minister engaged in detailed discussions concerning the Karuvannur issue. The CPM’s evaluation suggests that Thrissur could be the ED’s next target following the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Delay in Questioning Veena Vijayan

Concurrently, there are indications that Veena Vijayan’s questioning in the Black Sand Company case will not occur immediately. Only after collecting details of all financial transactions conducted through her company, Exalogic did authorities decide to question her.

SFIO plans to interrogate the heads of firms involved in questionable financial dealings with Exalogic. Notably, after discovering deals with Exalogic Solutions, the Serious Fraud Investigation Office sent a notice to the management of Karakonam Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College. Similar notices have been issued to several other companies, implying that Veena Vijayan’s questioning will follow after gathering information from all these entities.

Requests for Information and Ongoing Investigations

SFIO has already received documents regarding bank transactions made by the college management with Exalogic during the financial year 2017-18. Based on this, the medical college was requested to provide information about these transactions. The notice was issued to P. Thankaraj, the then-administrator of the medical college, who currently holds a position with another CSI organization.

Thankaraj has been asked to produce copies of the agreement between Karakonam Medical College and Exalogic, work orders, invoices, and supporting documents. Other institutions involved are expected to provide similar information.

SFIO has already conducted investigations at CMRL and KSIIDC and has eight months to complete the inquiry. Records of financial transactions between Exalogic and 12 firms have already been collected. The complainant, Shaun George, had previously provided SFIO with information about eight companies related to Exalogic.

Exalogic has received varying amounts from various institutions, including Karakonam CSI Medical College, Santa Monica, JDT Islamic, and Ananthapuri Education Society. Explanations will be sought from all these entities. The Congress party is raising concerns about a CPM-BJP nexus in Kerala, which could adversely affect the BJP’s chances. It is estimated that the central BJP government may utilize central agencies to ensure no such collaboration exists.

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