Decoding the Mystery: The Girl with Kashinathan during Siddharth’s Tragic Assault

Questions Linger about the Girl with Kashinathan During Siddharth's Tragic Assault

In a shocking revelation, the anti-ragging squad at Pookode Veterinary University has uncovered evidence that J.S. Siddharth, a student, endured months of SFI’s Organized Ragging before his tragic death. Furthermore, the squad believes a female student was potentially involved in the conspiracy.

According to reports, the squad received information that Siddharth was taken to a hilltop near the hostel and assaulted. Shockingly, the main accused, Kashinathan, allegedly had a female companion during the incident. However, a lack of evidence or testimony initially prevented authorities from substantiating these claims. Nevertheless, the police neglected to investigate the female student’s involvement thoroughly.

Ordeal and Quest for Justice

The events leading to Siddharth’s ordeal began with a complaint from a girl hailing from Thrissur. Ironically, this girl’s mother works at the police commissioner’s office. Yet, another classmate seemingly instigated and motivated her actions. Disturbingly, evidence suggests a female student may have derived pleasure from witnessing Siddharth’s brutalization atop the hill. Concerted efforts are underway to conceal this student’s identity.

Siddharth’s father has accused the state government of delaying orders to transfer the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further inquiry. Tragically, Siddharth faced immense cruelty daily, compelled to mark the accused’s presence at the police station despite being the victim. A classmate testified that the harrowing routine persisted for eight months, as detailed in the anti-ragging squad’s final report.

Systemic Issues and Institutional Failure

The report reveals that Siddharth’s beating before his demise was not an isolated incident. Instead, it was the culmination of months of harassment stemming from the college union’s decision to expel him for his campus activism. Moreover, the ragging commenced when Siddharth began residing in the hostel. Shockingly, a classmate revealed that Arun humiliated the accused Siddharth on multiple occasions within his room. On Siddharth’s birthday, he was reportedly tied to an iron pole and threatened with being set ablaze.

According to the report, Kashinathan and Sinjo treated Siddharth with utmost cruelty. Consequently, the hostel cook resigned after witnessing the incident, disclosing several disturbing facts. Although Siddharth’s family requested a CBI investigation, which the government granted, the premier agency has yet to initiate proceedings.

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