Deception in BJP: The Saga of Fake Bishop James George

Unraveling the Scandal of Fraud and Misrepresentation

In recent times, fraudsters have grouped to the BJP after observing the party’s excessive importance given to those belonging to the minority community. Many such people have joined the BJP in various districts and are perceived as members of the minority community. In that case, they receive favorable treatment from the party. As a result, existing leaders within the BJP have been divided, and these questionable individuals have been given prominence.

Alleged Scammer Causes Trouble

One such alleged scammer has caused significant trouble for the BJP candidate in Kollam. James George, the owner of the Kadapakada Modern Group, had turned himself into a bishop. Also, he was arrested for selling fake certificates, fraud and breach of trust. Despite this, Krishna Kumar, the BJP’s parliamentary candidate for Kollam, has been campaigning at the party’s venues alongside James George, who had assumed the name Jacob Mar Gregorios. Janmabhoomi, a pro-BJP media outlet, also did not hesitate to publish a photograph of the candidate with the alleged fraudster.

Police raided the swindler’s establishment in Kollam’s Kadapakkada following a complaint about making and issuing fake certificates. During the raid, conducted at the Modern Group organization led by the Kollam ACP, police recovered numerous counterfeit certificates. The incident led to filing a case against the organization’s head, James George, who had appointed himself the bishop.

After this incident, James George continued his fraudulent activities by cheating educational institutions. Police raided his institution in Kollam following a complaint lodged by two students at Guruvayur police station. The students alleged that they were defrauded by being given fake certificates. During the raid, police seized more than 450 certificates bearing the names of various Indian universities. James George, the head of the institution, was taken into custody by the police.

Seizure of Ill-Gotten Assets: Unveiling the Depths of Corruption

In response to the case registered by Kollam East police, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) seized eight immovable and movable properties worth Rs 1.6 crore. The seized properties were owned by James George and his wife, Seema James, under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. James George joined the BJP, once again assuming the guise of a bishop, in an attempt to escape the consequences of this case.

ED’s investigation revealed that James and Seema purchased their properties using the crores of rupees they had amassed through the issuance of fake certificates. The properties included two acres in Kotarakara, seven cents each in Wayanad and Kannur, one and a half acres in Kundera, a poultry farm on two and a half acres in Paripally Pullikkuzhi, and an office and house in Kadapakkada, Kollam.

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