Dark Web Operation Unveiled: NCB Busts Major Narcotics Trafficking Network in Kochi

Seven Arrested as International Dark Web Drug Trade Exposed in Recent Crackdown


  • A major narcotics trafficking network operating on the dark web was busted in Kochi, leading to the arrest of seven individuals by the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB).
  • The NCB seized 326 intoxicating stamps and 8.25 grams of bio-intoxicating substances ordered from Germany through the dark web.

  • Police and excise information, coupled with earlier arrests in April 2022 and a 2020 case in Bengaluru, aided the NCB’s operation.

  • Cyberdom is monitoring 140 individuals in Kerala regularly accessing the dark web, with 105 located in Kochi, including those with connections to the film industry.

  • The arrested individuals actively engaged in converting currency into cryptocurrency, ordering drugs on the dark web, and conducting transactions under different names and IP addresses.

The Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) successfully foiled a significant narcotics trafficking network operating through the dark web in Kochi. Law enforcement apprehended seven individuals in connection with this illicit operation.

The NCB’s operation led to the confiscation of 326 intoxicating stamps and 8.25 grams of bio-intoxicating substances. Law enforcement intercepted the items ordered from Germany via the dark web. The operation underscores the international dimension of this illegal network. The arrested individuals are expected to provide vital information and unravel the intricacies of this dark web narcotics trade.

The collaborative efforts of local police and excise departments played a pivotal role in aiding the NCB’s operation. Earlier arrests in April 2022 revealed crucial information. Additionally, a notable case in Bengaluru in November 2020 shed light on a computer programmer’s involvement. The programmer facilitated drug sales on the dark web using cryptocurrency. It provides valuable insights into the modus operandi of these networks.

Cybercrime monitoring unit Cyberdom is actively tracking 140 individuals in Kerala for their frequent visits to the dark web. Notably, there is a substantial concentration of 105 of these individuals located in Kochi. The list includes individuals with connections to the film industry, shedding light on the diverse profiles involved in these illicit activities.

Following the interception of a parcel originating from Germany, law enforcement made the arrests. The package had the address of Sarath Jayand Parakal, a resident of Aluva Chengamanad. The investigation uncovered converting currency into cryptocurrency and conducting anonymous transactions using different names and IP addresses. These findings underscore the clandestine nature inherent in the dark web trade.

During the proactive awareness campaign, the city police obtained crucial information by tracking parcels returned to the same address and identifying instances of fake addresses provided to courier companies.
Tracking of parcels being returned to the same address and fake addresses being provided to courier companies were integral parts of the investigation. Police also noted attempts to personally collect packages by providing false information.

The dark web, constituting more than four and a half crore websites, comprises around 16 per cent of the total internet. Described as the internet’s danger zone, it serves as a hub for various illegal activities. Drug trade, arms sales, human trafficking, and even hiring assassins are the major activities on the Dark Web. Bitcoin facilitates transactions on the dark web, ensuring a level of anonymity that traditional currencies lack.

It is essential to recognize that the dark web operates beyond the jurisdiction of any country’s laws. It provides a secure haven for illegal transactions. With Cyberdom intensifying surveillance efforts in this arena, there is a growing acknowledgement of the need to address rising cybercrimes and maintain vigilance in the face of evolving criminal tactics. The recent arrests in Kochi represent a significant stride in combating the dark web’s illicit activities. Still, the challenges persist as this shadowy realm continues to adapt to law enforcement efforts.

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