Dark Realities: Satanic Cults Exposed in Kerala

Unveiling the Shocking Influence of Satanic Worship and Illuminati Promises

In a shocking revelation, Kerala witnessed the cruel face of Satanic worship, casting a dark shadow over the state. The horrific incident in Nanthankode, Thiruvananthapuram, where an elder son allegedly gang-raped four members of his family, exposed the disturbing reality of Satanic practices.

Exploring the Depths of Satanic Worship

Investigators pointed to the accused, Jinson Raj, as having an addiction to Nanthankde’s Satanic worship, carrying out the heinous acts as part of his experiments with ‘astral projection. A method of detaching the mind from the body. Subsequently, a case involving a 10th-grade student from Kollam further highlighted the unsettling presence of these cults. Death of 3 Malayalee youths in Arunachal Pradesh have raised further alarms.

Satanic worship, originating in the West, is a collection of all forms of lawlessness. Adherents spread the word that they could please Satan by performing human sacrifices, indulging in adultery, drug abuse, and practicing witchcraft. Shockingly, Satan worshippers from Thiruvananthapuram traveled to Kollam in the dead of night on a bullet motorcycle adorned with the devil’s picture, luring the 10th-grade student into their sinister cult. Police, however, failed to show sufficient interest in locating the young man clad in black attire riding the black bullet.

The unsuspecting 10th-grade student from Kollam fell prey to a secret gang through social media, subjecting him to life-threatening experiments. Consequently, the child lost Rs 14,000 and his parents’ identity documents. Fearing for their lives, the child and parents filed a complaint with the collector. Disturbing details emerged during counseling conducted by the Kollam District Child Protection Unit.

Lure of the Occult: Satanic Cults Ensnare Youth with False Promises

The student, an ICSE student in Kollam City and formerly an excellent pupil, had become a member of a group called the “Illuminati Membership Forum” through his father’s mobile phone. The group’s sinister promises included:

  • Bestowing magical powers.

  • A car worth one crore rupees.

  • A monthly allowance of fifty thousand US dollars to its members.

Earlier, the intelligence department had reported a surge in Satanic worship activities in central Kerala. Propagators of these cults, often foreign tourists visiting Kochi, engage in mantras, naked dancing, and Lahari Doothi worship in luxury flats within the city and abandoned buildings in areas like Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. Reports suggest that Satanic rituals are held on the 13th of every month in various parts of Kochi.

Unholy Rituals: The Dark World of Satanic Cults in Kerala

The recent incident further underscores the active presence of Satanic cults in Kerala. They are particularly drawn to flats bearing the satanic number 666. Entry is free for first-timers, with fees calculated later. Initiates must enter a black hole while wearing black attire. Rituals are performed in dim light, accompanied by modern musical instruments. While the police can take legal action against them under the Prohibition of Superstitions Act, they often disregard these gangs spreading drugs and superstitions, allegedly due to the high connections behind this mafia.

Participants in the Black Mass ritual must insult the holy book of their professed religion. People partake in these rituals for various reasons, including seeking success in business, eliminating enemy fears, or destroying adversaries. The ritual objects include impure blood in a black vessel, triangular-shaped bread, and urine collected in a skull. Unconfirmed reports suggest the existence of a Satanic shrine centered in Mattancherry, Kochi. However, the secretive nature of their activities makes it challenging for the general public to recognize them. These cults primarily attract students and youth.

In the past, the police investigated a luxury flat in Kochi after receiving information about frequent visits by foreigners. This flat bore the number 666. Upon entering, the walls were draped in black cloth, with dim lighting and individuals clad in black attire. Musical instruments and an atmosphere akin to Satanic worship were observed. Years ago, the role of Satanists was also suspected behind two murders in Kochi.

Unsolved Mysteries: Trails of Satanic Influence Left Uninvestigated

On December 4, 2015, a nursing student mysteriously went missing in Paravur. The investigation, initially treated as a missing person case, eventually led to connections with Kochi-based Satanic worship groups. Authorities discovered satanism-related information written in the girl’s book, prompting further investigation into the cult’s involvement. However, the search led nowhere.

The investigating team also received information that the Catholic girl had confided in her 12-year-old brother about her involvement with Satan’s servants, claiming that great miracles were happening there. Additionally, a former Bishop of Kochi was accused of having close ties to Satanic worshippers and allegedly sprinkling menstrual blood on the altar.

Earlier, the intelligence department had uncovered Satanic worship activities in Kumily, Idukki district, areas adjacent to Kottayam city, and some houses in the urban area of Alappuzha. There was also an incident involving the theft of the Holy Eucharist from a prominent church in Kochi. However, no proper investigation was conducted into any of these cases.

The Origins of the ‘Black Mass’

The ‘Black Mass’ dates back to the 17th century, originating in America. Organized groups began practicing this ritual in their name. While it did not gain much popularity initially, Satanic philosophy was formulated in the 1960s by American Anton S. LaVey, who founded the ‘Church of Satan.’

According to their beliefs, the affairs of the earth are overseen by the dark power, the devil. Humans are natural beings, products of lust and pleasure, and sensuality is to be celebrated. Ethical ideas and forces that stand in the way of pleasure are considered aspirational. LaVey instilled in his followers a lust for indulgence and a beastly desire for revenge.

The cult figure of the modern Church of Satan is Lucifer, referred to in the Bible as an angel cast out of heaven into darkness for his anti-God activities. The Church of Satan has adopted many rituals and symbols from Christian churches, including the Black Mass and the use of bread called ‘Holy Eucharist’ distributed in Catholic churches. It explains the theft of the Holy Eucharist from Christian churches, which is a recurring concern for the Church.

Unholy Doctrines: Inside the Depraved Practices of Satanic Cults

The cross of the Christian Church is inverted to form the cross of the Church of Satan. The altar of the Black Mass is the naked woman’s genitalia. Drunkenness and sexual debauchery are the main elements of Satanic worship, with reports even suggesting cannibalism. They view Satan not as an evil force but as a symbol of questioning authority.

The group was also taught to destroy those deemed a nuisance mercilessly. It is reported that the Church of Satan, founded in America, has since spread its network worldwide. Shockingly, Malayalees are among the members of their website and related organizations.

This organization has two types of members: Ordinary Members and Active Members. Not everyone can join as an active member; the invitation is extended only after assessing operational excellence and other conditions. Active members can participate in all worship rituals, including offering sacrifices. Only current members can gain entry into these inner circles.

As Kerala grapples with the disturbing influence of Satanic cults, authorities and citizens must remain vigilant and take decisive action to combat this menacing presence that threatens the fabric of society.

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