Cusat tragedy: Three dead were engineering students, one unidentified

The condition of four injured people who are being treated is critical. Two people are in critical condition in Kalamassery Medical College and two in Aster Medical.

In a tragic turn of events at the Kalamassery Cusat campus during a tech fest, the lives of four individuals were cut short. As the aftermath unfolds, it becomes crucial to shed light on the reason behind the incident.

Identification of Victims:

Three out of the four casualties have been identified, all of whom were second-year engineering students at Cusat. Atul Thambi, hailing from Ernakulam, pursued civil engineering; Ann Rufta, a native of North Paravar; and Sara Thomas from Tamarassery Korangad in Kozhikode. Unfortunately, the identity of the fourth victim remains unknown, posing a challenge for the grieving community.

Ongoing Investigation:

Given the participation of individuals from outside the campus in the program, authorities are diligently working to ascertain whether the unidentified victim belongs to this group. The incident occurred during a tech fest that drew a diverse crowd, amplifying the complexity of the identification process.

Medical Update:

Amidst the heart-wrenching news, the health status of two critically injured individuals transferred to Astamr Medical from Kalamassery Medical College remains precarious. On a slightly more optimistic note, two other critical patients in the ICU at Kalamassery Medical College are reported to be in stable condition. The medical fraternity has mobilized additional personnel to ensure adequate care for the 34 individuals undergoing treatment at Kalamassery Medical College and the five at Kinder Hospital.

Escalating Numbers:

Beyond the official counts, it’s anticipated that the number of injured may rise. Some students with minor injuries sought treatment in alternate hospitals. The sprawling engineering college at Cusat, with over 2000 students, is grappling with the aftermath of the incident that occurred on the final day of the three-day tech fest during Nikita Gandhi’s performance.

The Tragic Unfolding:

Amidst an energetic ambiance, students congregated for Nikita Gandhi’s singing performance. Unexpected rainfall triggered a frantic rush, both within and outside the auditorium. Unfortunately, this led to a stampede, causing injuries and, tragically, the loss of four lives. The victims were swiftly transported to Kalamassery Medical College, where one individual succumbed en route, and the other three tragically lost their lives shortly after arriving.

As the community copes with grief, the gravity of the situation underscores the necessity for unified support and a comprehensive investigation. This tragedy serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictable nature and the critical importance of prioritizing safety during large gatherings. As grieving families mourn their losses, the wider community resonates in solidarity, actively seeking answers and healing in the aftermath of this unfortunate incident.

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