Judge Threatened Online in Ranjith Srinivasan Case: Three Arrested

Arrests from Alappuzha and Thiruvananthapuram Prompt Heightened Security

Alappuzha: The arrest of three individuals for their online threats and insults directed at Mavelikkara Additional Sessions Judge V.G. Sridevi. The arrested individuals, hailing from Alappuzha Mannancheri and Thiruvananthapuram Pothankodu, face legal consequences for their actions.

Key Points:

  • Arrests for Online Threats: Police have arrested three individuals from Alappuzha, Mannancheri, and Thiruvananthapuram Pothankodu.
  • Security Measures for Judge: In response to the threats, security for Judge Sridevi has been heightened.
  • Second Phase of Investigation: The second phase of the charge sheet in the Ranjith Srinivasan murder case is imminent. It involves an additional 20 accused facing charges related to evidence destroying and harbouring fugitives.

Judge Sridevi is currently under the protection of a sub-inspector at her home as a result of the threats. The second phase of the charge sheet in the murder case of Ranjith Srinivas is about to happen; hence, the consequences of this case are anticipated to get worse. The upcoming documents will include twenty more defendants suspected of destroying evidence and harbouring fugitives.

Amidst the ongoing investigation, police authorities are contemplating the possibility of conspiracy charges against certain individuals. If pursued, the move would increase the tally of accused individuals to 35. The meticulous approach to the case aims to prevent the potential release of accused persons on bail within the mandated 90-day period after filing the charge sheet.

The initial phase of the investigation, which led to the first charge sheet and subsequent death sentences for 15 individuals, marked a historic juncture. With the trial’s conclusion, the focus shifts to the second phase, addressing the charges against the remaining 20 accused. Although the current charges involve evidence tampering and aiding fugitives, the final report might introduce conspiracy charges against select individuals.

The gravity of the case stems from the chilling events of December 19, 2021, when Ranjith Srinivasan fell victim to Popular Front activists who intruded into the Alappuzha water well house. The brutal incident occurred just hours after the killing of SDPI leader KS Shan, underscoring the intensity and complexity of the investigation. Alappuzha remains a focal point of judicial scrutiny and public attention as legal proceedings unfold.

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