Cracking the Arunachal Puzzle: Unveiling Suspicions of Satanic Cult Involvement

Exploring the Intrigue Behind Tragic Deaths and Cult Associations

Thiruvananthapuram: Relatives of Arya, who died in Arunachal Pradesh along with two others, have hinted that the family had already known about the Satanic Cult Involvement with Arya. There is now speculation that the secret behind these tragic deaths may be uncovered.

Complexities of Relationships

Relatives revealed that although they understood the danger, their attempts to free Arya from the group had failed. As an unmarried woman, Arya had undergone counseling without the police being informed. Interestingly, her father, Anil Kumar, was a public servant. . Still, Arya was described as an introvert from a prominent communist family in the area. In this progressive household, her father was also a Congress leader and temple committee member and had previously worked at Latex.

Arya’s mother had noticed a change in her daughter’s behavior. And objected to her intimacy with Naveen and his wife, Devi. The family learned that Arya’s relationship with the satanic group was the reason she had been avoiding the marriage. She was then taken for counseling after taking leave from her teaching job. Following the counseling, which reportedly took place in Kattakkada, Arya’s relationship with Devi and Naveen had ended.

Sinister Influence

Furthermore, Arya was shifted to her mother’s house near the Tamil Nadu border, where she changed her mind and agreed to the wedding. The preparations were in the final stage, with all the gold and sarees bought according to Arya’s choices. However, after learning that one of the group members was leaving, Arya was reportedly tricked by the secret cult again. The family could not trace Arya’s involvement with the satanic group.

Naveen and Devi are suspected to have made plans to prevent Arya’s departure from the group, and it is believed that some people brought the three to Arunachal. Arya was allegedly trapped again, and the family suspects that the desire to keep their secrets from them could be the reason behind the deaths. The police, however, have no evidence to trace the larger criminal network behind this tragic incident.

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