Unveiling Political Intrigue: CPM’s Role in the Pookode Incident

Alleged Connections, Political Maneuvering, and Campus Controversies Revealed

Kalpatta: Inside the alleged CPM nexus amidst the unrest surrounding the death of Siddharth, a student at Pookode Veterinary College, the CPM leadership in Wayanad has come forward with justification. However, their explanation has further exposed the CPM link in Pookode incedent.

Allegations and Speculations

Meanwhile, there have been claims that the girl who complained to Siddharth is closely associated with the CPM. This has led to rumours that the SFI got involved.

The CPM resorted to political explanations as the crisis threatened to engulf the party. The state leadership has expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the Pookottu controversy, assessing it as a significant failure by the district leadership. The remand report clearly states that Siddharth was killed over the girl’s complaint. Surprisingly, the girl was not charged, raising suspicions of high-level interference and case sabotage.

Leaders Speak Out: Justifications and Counter-claims

In this climate, district leaders have come forward to offer explanations. CPM District Secretary P. Gagarin claimed that former MLA C.K. Saseendran admitted not trying to protect anyone when the accused were produced in court. At an explanatory meeting organized by Gagarin, he accused right-wing groups and some media outlets of attempting to hound the left wing by spreading false propaganda over Siddharth’s death.

Gagarin further alleged that MLA T. Siddique was playing politics by illegally entering Siddharth’s hostel room with other MLAs and Congressmen. He threatened to file a case against Siddique if the police did not take action. Regardless of who investigates the case, Gagarin insisted it would not be the CBI. He called for a thorough investigation into Siddharth’s death. He accused the governor of interfering in the matter, labelling him a “dirty man” and a “heel of the RSS.”

Earlier, C.K. Saseendran confirmed that a senior CPM district leader was with him when the accused were taken to court. In response, Gagarin claimed that Congress had hidden the accusations as allegations of connivance grew stronger. The CPM leaders also argued that the SFI in the university has no direct connection with the party.

Rumors and Associations

Previously, it was hinted that the hostel where Siddharth died was an SFI stronghold, evident from the Che Guevara murals and writings. Once the gate is closed, no one knows what happens inside. The hostel is adorned with pictures of liquor bottles, Che Guevara, SFI posters, and banners, along with the names of some gangs written down.

The hostel, built in four blocks with a courtyard, is a remote space where alleged beatings take place. SFI is the only student political movement on campus, and it reportedly dominates the elections. A visit to the hostel reveals rampant drug use, with giant pictures of a liquor bottle on one side and Che Guevara on the other side of the second floor. Siddharth’s room even had a picture of Lenin and Karl Marx.

Concerns and Call for Investigation

There’s growing worry about possible links between the CPM, SFI, and Siddharth’s death. The explanations from CPM leaders, along with claims of meddling and case tampering, have stirred up more anger among the public. Additionally, the girl’s family is said to have strong connections with the party, and the apparent influence of SFI on campus has made the situation more complicated.

The portrayal of the hostel as a hub for SFI, decorated with political symbols and rumoured gang associations, presents a troubling scene.

Portrayal of SFI Hostel: Troubling Scene with Political Symbols and Gang Associations
hostel adorned with political symbols, fueling speculation about gang associations.

Notwithstanding the accusations and counter-allegations, conducting a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry into Siddharth’s passing is imperative. The entire weight of the law must be applied to any attempt to thwart justice or shield the guilty because the public has a right to know the truth.

As the investigation progresses, authorities must stay alert and open, ensuring every aspect is thoroughly examined to achieve justice. The state should receive clear explanations and accountability, regardless of the involved parties or political ties.

Final Thoughts

If the CPM link in Pookode incedent proves, then it worries entire population of the state of Kerala. The truth can only be uncovered through a fair and comprehensive investigation, which may not be possible with the current CPM-managed police investigation. The integrity of the investigation and the public’s trust in the institutions that govern them hang in the balance.

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