Court Directs Investigation into Assault on Youth Congress Workers Amid Controversy Surrounding Chief Minister’s Gunmen

Legal Action Unfolds as Alappuzha Grapples with Clash Over Security Personnel's Actions

Alappuzha, the local court, has issued an order for an investigation into the alleged assault on Youth Congress workers who were waving black flags during the Navakerala yatra. The incident, involving the Chief Minister’s gunmen, has ignited controversy, prompting action from the Alappuzha First Class Magistrate Court.

The incident occurred on the 16th as the Chief Minister and Ministers were en route to Navakerala Sadas in the Ambalapuzha constituency. Youth Congress workers Ajay Jewel and A.D. Thomas raised a block flag at the General Hospital junction. And as swiftly intent and taken into custody by on-duty police. However, the situation took a dire turn when the Chief Minister’s gunman, Anil, and security officer Sandeep reportedly jumped out of the escort vehicle and assaulted the detained workers with sticks carried by them.

The victims, Thomas and Jewel, sustained serious injuries, with Thomas suffering a fractured head and Jewel enduring a broken arm. Despite filing a complaint with the South Police, no case was initially registered. Even after seeking a report on the complaint from the District Police Chief, the South Police justified the lashing, claiming it was unavoidable.

The court intervention came as a result of a petition filed by KSU district president A.D. Thomas. He alleged that the Chief Minister’s gunman and security officer violated the law by assaulting them while in police custody. The petition, presented by Youth Congress State General Secretary Adv. Ajay calls for a case under IPC 294B, 326,324 against the accused gunmen.

Criticism has been directed at the police for their handling of the situation. And accusations that the Chief Minister’s security personnel overstepped their bounds. The interference in law and order by the Chief Minister’s gunman has reportedly caused divisions within the police force.

The controversy surrounding the treatment of those waving black flags during the Navakerala bus has been ongoing. While the Chief Minister defended the actions as a life-saving operation. The incident has sparked debates and applause, leaving the community divided.

As the court steps in to address the alleged assault on Youth Congress workers in Alappuzha brings to light the complexities surrounding the Navakerala yatra. The clash raises questions about the role of security personnel and the delicate balance between ensuring safety and preserving civil liberties. The court’s directive for a comprehensive investigation underscores the need for accountability and justice, marking a crucial development in this contentious chapter of Alappuzha’s recent history.

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