Controversy Surrounding Kalamandalam Satyabhama: A Stir in the Art Community

Unpacking the Recent Remarks and Past Incidents of the Renowned Artist

Thiruvananthapuram: If the police receive a complaint, they may register an FIR against dancer and actor Dr. Kalamandalam Satyabhama for her insulting remarks about RLV Ramakrishnan. Additionally, they will examine legal aspects, including the Scheduled Caste Abuse Act, regarding the imposition. Although Sathyabhama claims her remarks were not against RLV Ramakrishnan, this does not appear true. Therefore, they are likely to file a case.

Description of Offensive Statements

Not only did she say he was black and unattractive, but she also dragged his stepmother into the matter. RLV Ramakrishnan stated that those using the expression “Peta Thalla Sahitula” should understand the crow is its child. “Ignoring who I am, it’s not right for them to insult black artists. A person who is as black as a crow, who is not beautiful, should not do Mohiniyattam” – a sentence that mentally tortures black people in the art world. Ramakrishnan clarified that although Satyabhama did not name him, she was clearly referring to the Mohiniyattam artist from Chalakudy who teaches at Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy.

“I spoke my own opinion. If men perform Mohiniyattam, they want beauty. If black people, who are not beautiful, learn to dance, they should perform in temples or something. Black people should not come to competitions that have a separate column for beauty,” Satyabhama reiterated. She added that many people come to competitions wearing makeup. “Don’t the police and courts need evidence of rape? It’s wrong to mention the person’s name. There’s no guilt in my remark. I’ll say more. I’ll respond to problems arising from my art,” she argued.

When asked if it’s suitable for an artist to show gender and colour differences, Satyabhama responded, “What’s not suitable? I only talked about beauty. It’s not like your profession—it requires beauty.” Her controversial comment came during an interview with a YouTube channel, during which she stated that men playing Mohiniyattam are unpleasant and some people are “ravenous.”

Backlash and Past Controversies

There is widespread protest against this. Many support RLV Ramakrishnan, who said legal action would be taken against Satyabhama. This is the second time Satyabhama has faced controversy. In 2018, her comments about the late Kathakali Acharya Kalamandalam Padmanabhan Nair, his wife and Mohiniyattam teacher Kalamandalam Satyabhama while serving on Kalamandalam’s governing body sparked an outcry. She mentioned Padmanabhan was a bad actor and Satyabhama didn’t know anything, leading to her expulsion from the governing body. Satyabhama claimed the phone conversation was released by a “Chalakudikaran” that day.

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