CBSE Takes Action Against Schools: League MP Abdul Wahab’s School Lost Affiliation in a Nationwide Crackdown

Examining the Ramifications of CBSE's Stringent Measures on School Affiliation and Educational Integrity

New Delhi: In a CBSE action against schools, 24 schools nationwide, including two in Kerala, have had their affiliation suspended. The action comes after various irregularities were found during inspections. One affected school belongs to Muslim League leader and Rajya Sabha member P.V. Abdul Wahab.

CBSE uncovered irregularities such as presenting fake students, appointing underqualified teachers, and failing to maintain proper records. CBSE conducts Surprise inspections in schools nationwide to check its quality adherence. During those inspections, the violations came to notice. Mother Teresa Memorial Central School in Pangode, Thiruvananthapuram, and Peewee’s Public School in Nilambur Malappuram have dissolved their affiliation.

Abdul Wahab, a prominent UAE-based businessman and Muslim League MP, owns the school. Consequently, Peewee’s School is considered one of Kerala’s most premium educational institutions. However, CBSE has not provided specific details about the lapses found in each school, making only general allegations.

Wahab launched Peewee’s School with the tagline of being the number one CBSE school in Kerala. The goal was to establish a premium boarding school with substantial fees. It is even planning to offer horse riding for students. Unfortunately, the school did not achieve Wahab’s ambitious vision.

Widespread Irregularities Uncovered

Meanwhile, CBSE’s inspections revealed irregularities in most of the schools raided. The affiliation of those found to have made major lapses is canceled. The inspection uncovered many institutions under the board admitting dummy students, seating unqualified students in classes, and failing to maintain proper school records. Based on a detailed investigation, CBSE stated in a circular that the affiliation of 20 schools has been canceled all over India.

Three schools in Uttar Pradesh and five in Delhi no longer have their accreditation renewed. Similarly, recognition has been revoked for the four schools in Jammu & Kashmir, Dehradun, Assam, and Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, six schools in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra have revoked their recognition. Furthermore, CBSE has lowered the grades of Vivekanand School in Delhi, Dasmesh Senior Secondary Public School in Bhatinda, Punjab, and Sriram Academy in Barpeta, Assam. This action was taken due to violations of affiliation and examination by-law regulations.

Unannounced inspections were conducted to ensure institutions under the board were functioning according to CBSE norms. CBSE Secretary Himanshu Gupta stated that the inspection found many institutions admitting dummy students and seating unqualified students in classes. Consequently, an investigation was then carried out.

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