CBI Takes Charge: Investigation into Siddharth’s Death Escalates

Government Hands Over Case, SP Officer Leads Probe, College to Be Visited Soon

Thiruvananthapuram: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken up the investigation into the mysterious death of Siddharth, a second-year student at Pookod Veterinary College. Notably, the Ministry of Personnel has issued an order for the CBI to commence this investigation.

Delay and High Court Intervention

Initially, the state government had handed over the case to the CBI on March 9th and issued the necessary order. However, the family protested the delay, prompting them to approach the High Court. In response, the High Court provided instructions to expedite the investigation. Consequently, the CBI has now accepted the case and will begin its probe shortly.

According to reports, the CBI acknowledges the presence of a mystery surrounding Siddharth’s death. The central directive is to determine the cause of death, whether it was suicide or murder. To this end, a CBI team led by an SP-rank officer has already reached Kerala and held a meeting with the Kalpatta Deputy Superintendent of Police, who was previously handling the case.

Ragging and Intimidation Allegations

Furthermore, the anti-ragging committee’s report revealed that Siddharth was severely beaten and subjected to a public trial in front of other students, including being forced to strip naked. Eyewitnesses reportedly heard loud noises and screams coming from his hostel room on the night of February 16th.

Notably, the main accused, Sinjo Johnson, is said to have threatened the students, warning them against divulging details of the harassment that occurred in the hostel. In this regard, the CBI will record the statements of all the students present in the hostel that night. Additionally, Siddharth’s father will examine the potential roles of two girls and a boy named Akshay, who are under suspicion.

Overall, this CBI investigation is crucial for Pookode Veterinary University, as it aims to uncover the truth behind Siddharth’s untimely and mysterious death.

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