Breaking News: Arrest of Prime Accused in Pookode Ragging Case

Justice Prevails as Investigation Unravels Tragic Events at Pookode Veterinary University

A critical development has occurred in the tragic death of Pookode Veterinary University student J.S. Siddharth. The prime accused, Akhil, has been arrested by police in Palakkad. Kalpetta Dysp confirmed Akhil was the main perpetrator in the fatal ragging case that drove 20-year-old Siddharth to suicide last week. Eleven more accused remain at large, all believed to be fellow hostel inmates. Pookode ragging prime accused arrest may lead to more clues to the circumstances leading to the murder of a young student. 

Allegations of Political Interference

Meanwhile, Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash, accused the CPM of shielding the key perpetrators. He alleges none of the six arrested so far are true masterminds. Furthermore, while 12 students were suspended from the college, none have been detained.

Jayaprakash also referenced Siddharth, mentioning senior SFI members using drugs before his death. All 12 involved are allegedly SFI-affiliated. The failure to arrest major culprits stems from political pressure, the grieving father feels.

The Culture of Fear and Silence

Siddharth faced brutal mob torture involving beatings and mental abuse from February 14-18, per eyewitness accounts. The severe rituals occurred before over 130 hostel students. Siddharth was stripped and thrashed with belts and wires. Sources suggest students remained silent due to threats of violence for speaking out.

The abusive hazing culture was an open secret at the hostel. The vicious February incident mirrored prior ragging rituals. However, institutional complicity allowed the practice to continue unchecked.

Siddharth endured immense suffering as classmates observed mutely. Extreme public humiliation broke Siddharth mentally, according to authorities. Tragically, an unwritten hostel rule deterred intervention – “what happens in the hostel stays in the hostel.”

This perverse code of silence normalized three hours of Siddharth’s torture on February 16th. Threats from accused ringleader Sinjo Johnson, still at large, also compelled the hostel students’ silence. With no one, including college authorities, standing up due to fear, the scarred Siddharth took his own life.

Justice for Siddharth demands punishing the perpetrators and reforming the university’s broken, complicit system. Pookode Veterinary College allowed a depraved hostel culture to fester unchecked, failing its duty to protect students like Siddharth. Introspection and action must honour his memory.

Hope prevails

Pookode ragging prime accused arrest provides initial hope for justice in Siddharth’s case. However, securing full accountability remains challenging. Siddharth’s father alleges political shields protect other masterminds from facing consequences.

Moreover, the 11 suspects still at large are mere symptoms of the deeper disease plaguing Pookode Veterinary University. A rotten hostel culture normalized repeated dreadful ragging. Complicit silence from students, authorities and institutions allowed this depravity to persist, failing Siddharth.

True justice involves not just punishing individual perpetrators. Real change demands reforming Pookode’s broken systems that created such inhumanity. Proactive, compassionate leadership must counter conflicting powers and dormant oversight mechanisms.

Pookode must reflect deeply on how cruelty flourished inside its walls. New policies, safeguards and training programs can help transform institutional mindsets and culture for the better. No student should endure Siddharth’s fate again. His young life deserves this meaningful legacy.

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