Breaking News: Arrest of Fugitive in 13-Year Controversy Pursuit Sheds Light on Professor TJ Joseph’s Resilience

Recent NIA Operation Ends Elusive Chase, Unraveling the International Intrigue Surrounding a Notorious Case

The wheels of justice have finally caught up with the first accused in the infamous case involving the cutting of Professor TJ Joseph’s palm. Ashamannur Nuleli Mudaseri Savad (37), a Popular Front worker, had been on the run for an astonishing 13 years since the disturbing incident that took place in July 2010. Arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Savad was apprehended in Kannur, putting an end to over a decade of evading law enforcement.

The Elusive Fugitive
The incident, stemming from an alleged act of blasphemy in a question paper, led to the brutal attack on Professor TJ Joseph. Sawad, now in custody, had replaced Joseph’s amputation, evading authorities’ grasp for years. The NIA, in its pursuit, offered a monetary reward for information leading to Savad’s whereabouts. Despite extensive searches and intelligence operations, he managed to stay hidden, with speculation suggesting he might have crossed into Afghanistan.

International Pursuit
Intelligence agencies had received information that Sawad was spotted in Nepal alongside the mastermind, MK Nasar, who eventually surrendered. Following Nasser’s surrender, Sawad reportedly entered Afghanistan, prompting the NIA to collaborate with RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, for searches in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Despite these efforts, Sawad remained elusive, leaving investigators to grapple with a complex web of international intrigue.

The Blasphemy and Its Aftermath
The catalyst for this prolonged pursuit was the blasphemous incident that unfolded on July 4, 2010, when Popular Front activists attacked Professor TJ Joseph, cutting off his palm. The genesis of the violence lay in question number 11 of the second-semester BCom Malayalam internal examination held on March 23, 2010. The question, derived from the book ‘Methodology in Screenplay,’ authored by PT Kunjahammed, sparked controversy, leading to protests against Newman College.

The aftermath of the incident saw Joseph’s suspension from the college, and he was even charged with blasphemy. As tensions escalated, Joseph went into hiding. His son was taken into custody, and the family faced violence. After surrendering to the police, Joseph was repeatedly attacked, culminating in a vicious assault that resulted in the amputation of his left palm and severe injuries to his right hand.

A Tale of Resilience
Despite facing adversity, Joseph emerged resilient, returning from the hospital a month later. However, the challenges persisted as he was expelled from Newman College. His wife, Salome, tragically succumbed to depression, sparking public outrage. Three days before retirement, the college recalled Joseph, acknowledging his entitlement to pension benefits.

Legal Proceedings
The wheels of justice began to turn as the NIA took over the case initially investigated by the Kerala Police on March 9, 2011. Following an exhaustive trial, the NIA court in Kochi delivered its first-phase verdict on April 30, 2015, convicting 13 individuals. The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of 11 more people, marking a significant chapter in the pursuit of justice for the reprehensible act committed against Professor TJ Joseph.

The arrest of Ashamannur Nuleli Mudaseri Savad brings a sense of closure to a long-standing pursuit for justice. The incident’s echoes have left an unforgettable mark that showcases the resilience of Professor TJ Joseph. The collective efforts to bring perpetrators to account. This chapter on the pursuit of justice serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and safeguarding freedom of expression in society.

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