Black Flag Protest Against Governor: 19 SFI Activists Detained

Tensions rise with accusations of 'Goondaraj' and a standoff over Governor Khan's campus visits

Thiruvananthapuram, 19 SFI workers were detained by the police for protesting against Governor Arif Muhammad Khan. The waving of black flags and raising Go Back slogans marked the demonstration. SFi targeted the Governor’s vehicle at multiple locations during his journey to the Airport. The clash raises questions about the role of the Chief Minister and allegations of conspiracy—which are increasing polarization in Kerala’s political landscape.

Wave of Protests and Detentions

Black Flags and Go Back Slogans
The protest unfolded as SFI workers forcefully opposed Governor Khan’s presence, accusing him of RSS influence. The black flags and Go Back slogans echoed through Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital, and Petta. It led to the police detaining 19 protesters in different locations.

Governor’s Response
Governor Khan, visibly agitated, responded with strong language, accusing the Chief Minister of orchestrating the protests. He criticized the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. He was questioning the absence of senior police officers during the confrontations. The Governor’s remarks hinted at a deeper conspiracy and a perceived threat to his security.

Accusations and Counter-Accusations

Governor’s Allegations against the Chief Minister
Governor Khan accused the Chief Minister of conspiring against him, alleging a connection between the protesters and the ruling party. The Governor questioned the safety of citizens and expressed concern about the dominance of criminal elements in Thiruvananthapuram.

SFI’s Stand and Political Fallout
SFI State Secretary PM Arsho responded by declaring that the SFI would not allow Governor Khan to set foot on Kerala campuses. The black flag protests, according to Arsho, would persist strongly. In a swift political counter, Opposition Leader VD Satheesan accused the Chief Minister of deploying party supporters to confront the Governor. He highlights a perceived double standard in dealing with protests.

Kerala’s Political Landscape Under Strain

As the dust settles from the clashes between SFI protesters and Governor Khan, the political landscape in Kerala appears more polarized than ever. The accusations and counter-accusations between the Governor and the Chief Minister add complexity to the unfolding narrative. The unanswered questions about the Governor’s security, the role of the police, and the potential legal consequences for the protesters further deepen the intrigue. The repercussions of this confrontation will undoubtedly echo through Kerala’s political corridors, shaping the discourse for days to come.

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