Arya’s Descent: Trapped by Devi and Ensnared by Devil’s Service

From Psychiatric Intervention to Wedding Plans: Unraveling the Enigma of Arya's Allegiance to Devil Worship

Thiruvananthapuram: There is strong suspicion that devil worship is behind the three deaths in Arunachal. Naveen Thomas (35), a native of Kottayam Meenadam, his wife Devi (35), and their friend Arya B. Nair (20), a native of Vattiyoorkav Manikantheswaram in Thiruvananthapuram district, were found dead in their hotel room in Giro, Arunachal. They were staying in room number 305 of the Bluepine Hotel in Giro. Devil worship is another form of the antichrist movement. Many fall into the superstition of Devil worship to attain a metaphysical nature. Naveen was the first to become a part of this transcendental faith group.

Authorities already know that devil worshipers operate actively in Thiruvananthapuram, particularly centered in Vazuthakad. The Cadel Jinson Raja Astral Projection murders shed light on this issue. However, the police failed to take action to apprehend Satan’s servants. Indications suggest they were dispatched to Arunachal Pradesh to serve Satan. Investigating Naveen’s connections could unveil crucial leads.

Influence and Tragic Decisions

Devi and Arya became friends eight years ago. Devi, a German language teacher, and Arya, a French teacher, taught in a school. Arya belonged to a prominent communist family, although her father was a Congressman. Most family members were determined CPM supporters. Arya’s father and mother realized that Devi’s influence was behind Arya’s disinterest in the community. Arya even had to be referred to psychiatrists. After that, Arya agreed to the wedding and bought a wedding dress. Meanwhile, Devi and Naveen played a major role in influencing Arya.

Arya’s house and Devi’s family home is in Vattiyoorkau, Thiruvananthapuram. It is indicated that Devi and Naveen lived here for a long time, and they practiced witchcraft in this house as well. Husband Naveen led his wife and teacher friends on strange paths. He convinced them that there was an afterlife and people were living there. Naveen had tempted both of them by saying that he would go there after his death. It was also found that Naveen had sent pictures of dead bodies and blood drops to Arya.

Tragic Resolution and Investigation

It’s indicated that the three decided to die when Arya’s marriage was fixed for the next month. Arya’s father had complained to the police that Arya had been missing since the 27th. Police found that Naveen had searched the internet for information about the afterlife. A note was found on the table, stating, ‘We lived happily; now we depart,’ along with contact numbers for notification. Surveillance footage revealed nothing suspicious.

Meanwhile, YouTube videos were used to decide how to die. Police are now conducting an investigation focusing on Naveen to find those behind devil worship.

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