Allegations of Cover-Up and Preventing CBI Investigation in Siddharth’s Murder Case

Suspension Sparks Controversy: Two Students Who Exposed Siddharth's Harassment Targeted

Thiruvananthapuram: Allegations that the investigation into Siddharth’s murder case was sabotaged are growing stronger due to delays in the CBI probe. Meanwhile, shocking information is emerging from Pookode Veterinary College. Siddharth’s family has alleged that two students who went on a rampage at the college and spread information about Siddharth’s death by hanging were suspended. The suspended students were from Jammu Kashmir and Idukki, but the reason for their suspension remains unclear.

The government issued an order to hand over the case to the CBI for a speedy investigation into Siddharth’s death, which was also provided to the family. However, the CBI still needs to receive this order, preventing them from investigating the case. Consequently, those at the college have more opportunities to destroy evidence. Allegations that two students have been suspended are also being discussed.

Concerns and Allegations

The intervention of these two students brought the UGC’s anti-ragging committee to the college. After their suspension, the dean and others at the college also faced suspension. These students were the ones who helped expose Siddharth’s murder as a suicide case. The suspension is hinted to be revenge for their actions. Siddharth’s family also filed a complaint with the governor, alleging a conspiracy to delay the CBI investigation.

The case was handed over to the CBI due to the family’s demand. The order came quickly, ending the protest. However, no one from the CBI has contacted the family since then. The family realized the CBI office had yet to receive the order. Siddharth’s father revealed this, and there are allegations of political interference behind the delay.

Serious Allegations and Demands

With Siddharth’s murder handed over to the CBI, the police investigation appears to have been completely closed. On the day the CBI took over the case, the police arrested two more people involved. The police claim that all the accused have been arrested. Since then, there has been no progress in the investigation.

Siddharth’s relatives alleged that the police were not trying to protect evidence until the CBI arrived. They claim the police have not tried to include all the accused in the case and are trying to destroy evidence. Siddharth’s father stated that the police had not questioned the person who picked up the phone when his mother called him on the day of the beating.

During the investigation conducted by the Anti-Ragging Code, students revealed that Siddharth was a victim of brutal harassment. The prime accused, Sinjo, stabbed Siddharth in the neck, stomped on his toes, and crushed him. Several students heard shouting and screaming from the room several times. They also revealed to the anti-ragging squad that they beat up Siddharth even when he was lying on the bed in the verandah.

Urgent Calls for Transparent CBI Investigation and Accountability

In conclusion, the allegations surrounding Siddharth’s murder case and the subsequent investigation raise serious concerns. The apparent delays in the CBI taking over the probe and the suspension of students who initially brought the case to light have fueled suspicions of a cover-up. Siddharth’s family and others allege that authorities are failing to protect evidence and actively trying to destroy it.

With claims of brutal harassment endured by Siddharth and the police seemingly closing the case prematurely, the demand for a transparent and thorough CBI investigation grows stronger. The need for justice and accountability in this tragic case remains paramount. The truth behind Siddharth’s death and the alleged attempts to sabotage the inquiry continues to raise troubling questions.

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