Allegations Against Arsho and Sheeba: Siddharth’s Father Demands Justice

Insights into Alleged Harassment, Suspicions of Foul Play, and Calls for Accountability

Thiruvananthapuram: Siddharth’s father, Jayaprakash allegations points against the state government and SFI in connection with his son’s death. The CBI has not initiated an investigation yet, and the police are not continuing. Jayaprakash announced that he would start protesting in front of the Cliff House once his wife’s health improves. Grave accusations were also made against the SFI.

Allegations and Demands for Investigation

According to Siddharth’s father, PM Arsho frequently visits Pookod, and the SFI Unit Room in Pookode University is the base of SFI leader Arsho. Who is also implicated in torturing Siddharth? Siddharth’s father claims that his son has confirmed this. He alleges that Arsho lived in the union president’s room and that Siddharth endured continuous torture for eight months after being brought to this room. Furthermore, Jayaprakash asserts that Arsho was present in the room when Siddharth faced punishment from the SFI’s unit committee.

Jayaprakash challenges the authorities, stating, “If what I say is not true, the police should check Arshaw’s mobile tower records. They should verify how many times he had been to Pookkot during those eight months.”

Hope for Justice and New Developments

Although a fraud report has been submitted to the CBI, it allegedly mentions only one suspect. Consequently, Jayaprakash questions the scope of the CBI investigation. He believes it is the police’s responsibility to proceed with the investigation until the CBI takes over.

Siddharth’s father questions why the police have halted their investigation. He alleges that the mother of the girl who filed a false complaint against Siddharth is an employee of the commissioner’s office. Additionally, Sheeba, the private secretary of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the veterinary university, allegedly played a role in protecting her son.

Jayaprakash claims that no action has been taken against Sheeba. He also asserts that the new dean recommended that the VC withdraw the suspension of 33 students, effectively protecting him as well. He alleges that Siddharth was beaten in a manner akin to Maoist tactics, raising doubts about whether he was beaten to death on Arsho’s instructions.

Jayaprakash demands an investigation against the girl who filed a false complaint, the two girls who were amused by the beating, and Arsho, who he claims orchestrated the entire conspiracy. Siddharth’s father vowed to struggle for justice, adding that the government has deceived them in every sense.

Renewed Hope for Justice

Today marked the 41st day since Siddhartha’s death. After the ceremony, Jayaprakash expressed his extreme reaction, enumerating the investigation’s failures. Previously, he had expressed faith in the governor’s newly appointed commission of inquiry. Siddharth’s father had alleged that the government was unaware of the newly appointed commission and that, had it known, it would have tried to sabotage the inquiry.

Jayaprakash believes the new investigative committee will uncover all those responsible for Siddharth’s death. He states: “When there is a commission of inquiry, issues like corruption will be investigated. This is why the Governor has appointed the commission of inquiry.”

The governor appointed a new commission of inquiry the previous day in response to Jayaprakash’s complaint that the government is trying to sabotage the CBI investigation. Former High Court judge A. Hariprasad is leading the investigation.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of Pookode Veterinary University, KS Anil, visited Siddharth’s house and spoke with his father. He assured Jayaprakash that he would do everything possible to support the investigation into Siddharth’s death.

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