All 18 Accused in Relation to Siddharth’s Death Apprehended

Sinjo Johnson's Arrest and Student Testimonies Shed Light on the Truth

Wayanad: All the accused have been arrested over the death of JS Siddharth, a student of Pookod Veterinary University. Sinjo Johnson, the main accused, was captured in Kalpetta when he was about to surrender. Police have also caught the accused, Mohammad Danish and Adityan. With this recent arrest, authorities have apprehended all 18 individuals charged in the case.

Apart from Sinjo, J. Ajay (24), a native of Pathanamthitta Adoor, A. Altaf (21), Kollam Paravoor native, R. S. Kasinathan(25), a native of Kollam East, Muhammad Danish, and Adityan were arrested on Saturday.

Baiju K. Ajay was hiding in different places in Bengaluru and was arrested by Batheri Police Inspector Biju K. Jose and the team. After hiding in various locations in Kollam, Altaf was taken into custody by a special investigation team led by Padijarethara SHO from his relative’s house. Kashinathan surrendered before the investigating officer after intense police pressure. Wayanad District Police Chief T. Narayanan, under the supervision of Kalpetta DYSP T.N. Sajeev, is in charge of investigating the case.

Look out Notice and Arrest

On Saturday morning, police issued a lookout notice for the four accused involved in the case. A lookout notice has been given against Saud Rizal, Kashinathan, Ajay Kumar, and Sinjo Johnson. It was only after issuing the notice that the police caught Kashinathan and others.

SFI was involved in the case. Unit secretary Amal Ihsan, college union president Arun, and others surrendered to the police yesterday. On Friday, the Kalpetta Judicial First Class Magistrate (three) court rejected the bail plea of the six accused who were initially arrested.

Siddharth was found hanging in the washroom of the hostel. The circumstances of the events were brought to light by the injuries found on the body. Charges of incitement to kill oneself, assault, and the Prohibition of Raging Act have been charged against the accused.

Siddharth was not beaten for days

Meanwhile, some students came forward to refute the reports that Siddharth had been beaten for days. While acknowledging that Siddharth was indeed assaulted, they contested the notion that the abuse had persisted for an extended period. He did not respond for long because the shock of Siddharth’s death did not go away. It is unfortunate to politicize death.

A student who claimed to be an eyewitness to the incident stated that the mob trial before 130 students was invalid. Due to the holiday, the majority of the students were absent. Only a few students knew about beating Siddharth in the courtyard, and most available students were sleeping then. The students also stated that the beating took place at midnight. The media was suppressing many things.’.. said the students.

Not a Political Incident

“This is not a political incident but a personal one. One student remarked that the situation was being politicized due to the involvement of three or four party officials.

The tragic death of Pookod Veterinary University student JS Siddharth has shaken the student community. After Siddharth’s body was found in the hostel washroom, an investigation uncovered that a group of students had severely beaten him in an alleged ragging incident.

Within days, authorities arrested and charged all 18 accused with abetment to suicide, assault, and violation of anti-ragging laws. The perpetrators included student political leaders like SFI unit secretary Amal Ihsan and college union president Arun.

While some students argued that Siddharth’s beating did not go on for days, the circumstances revealed a distressing case of bullying and abuse of power. Siddharth was targeted late at night when a few students were present. This heartbreaking incident underscores the need for stricter enforcement of anti-ragging laws and prevention of criminal acts on campuses. Educational institutions must be safe spaces for students to learn and grow.

Siddharth’s grieving family and friends deserve justice. As the accused undergoes trial, the student community needs to reflect on methods to prevent such senseless violence. Ragging and bullying cannot be tolerated, no matter who the perpetrators are.

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