Alappuzha Unrest: Chief Minister’s Gunman Sparks Outrage with Violent Assault on Protesters

Recent Incident Raises Questions of Excessive Force and Political Accountability in Kerala

Protests have erupted against the Chief Minister’s gunman, Anil Kalliyur, who allegedly led a brutal attack on Youth Congress workers. The incident unfolded as the Chief Minister’s motorcade left the Alappuzha General Hospital junction. The protesting workers were beaten brutally by the CM’s Gunman with a wooden stick. And it was an act that violated the security protocol and the laws of the land. However, what happened next has ignited public fury and drawn criticism from political leaders.

Escalation of Violence

Anil Kalliyur, entrusted with the security of the Chief Minister, reportedly unleashed a brutal assault on the protestors, even after the Police stopped them. The situation escalated when Arur SI attempted to control the detained Youth Congress-KSU workers, leading to a brutal beating initiated by Anil Kalliyur. Subsequently, the Chief Minister’s bodyguards joined in, ruthlessly attacking the helpless workers who had fallen to the ground. Disturbing videos of the incident circulated on social media, amplifying the outrage.

Injuries and Political Response

Youth Congress Secretary Ajay Jewel Kuriakos suffered severe head injuries during the protest. AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal condemned the incident. And he accuses the Chief Minister’s escort of resorting to unprecedented violence against the protestors. Venugopal criticized the Police for allegedly favoring the beating. He reminded the Police that the Chief Minister’s tenure is not endless.

Political Criticism and Warning

Opposition leader VD Satheesan expressed severe criticism. He asserts that the Chief Minister had lost control and accused him of criminal behavior. Satheesan warned that the security personnel involved in the attack would not find refuge abroad. And emphasizing that their actions would have consequences. He pledged that Congress members would undertake a ‘rescue operation,’ further escalating tensions.:

The incident in Alappuzha has not only led to physical injuries but has also ignited a political firestorm. The public ou and political leaders’ condemnation underscores the situation’s gravity. As the events unfold, questions surrounding the use of force by security personnel. And also, the responsibility of those in power remains, demanding a thorough investigation and accountability for the actions that transpired in Alappuzha.

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