Women’s Naked Body Found Infested with Worms in Bengaluru Flat, Father Missing

Delving into the Disturbing Case: Police Probe Possible Foul Play as Bengaluru Residents Grapple with Shock and Suspicion

Bengaluru: According to police, a woman’s naked and decomposing body was discovered in a city apartment. Bengaluru’s mystery death was discovered by police and identified the victim, a 25-year-old Bengali lady whose identity remains unknown, lying in a room with syringes and drugs nearby.

The gloomy discovery occurred on the third level of a Head Master Layout apartment. The home’s owner entered the property after smelling a strong stench coming from the house and called the authorities. According to preliminary findings, the body had been lying there for almost five days. Surya Nagar police discovered the victim naked, yet they reported no visible wounds or scrapes.

The police have started investigations of possible rape, murder, and the destruction of evidence. The body was sent for a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death. 

Unravelling the Mystery

Police are now searching for a man who introduced himself as the victim’s father when renting the flat approximately a month ago. The flat belongs to a software engineer named Sangeet Gupta, who lives on a lower floor. Notably, the landlord did not request any documentation from the tenants upon occupancy. He rented the flat on the recommendation of an Odisha native who lives in the same building.

Raising further suspicions, both the person who suggested the tenants and the supposed ‘father’ of the victim have switched off their phones and remain untraceable. In a chilling account, Sangeet Gupta recalled encountering the victim on March 10. He found the flat door open and a woman hiding under a blanket that day. However, he left without entering the premises.

Days later, when the stench became unbearable, Gupta revisited the flat. He discovered the woman’s rotting body lying on the same bed, prompting him to alert the authorities. Police have confirmed the presence of worms on the decomposed body, indicating the crime’s severity and the urgency of the investigation.

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