School Principal in Hiding: Unraveling the Gianna Ann Jito Tragedy

Bengaluru Preschool Incident Raises Questions, Leaving a Community in Grief and Searching for Answers

Bengaluru: The death of four-year-old Gianna Ann Jito, a Malayali couple’s daughter, has taken a perplexing turn. Leading to an investigation and raising questions about the school’s responsibility.

Gianna, the daughter of Jito Tommy Joseph and Binita, both IT professionals from Kottayam, met a tragic fate at Hennur Chalikare’s Delhi preschool. Initial reports from the school suggested that she sustained injuries while playing, hitting her head on the wall. However, the situation became more mysterious after visits to three hospitals. At a super specialty hospital in Hebbal, it emerged that Gianna had sustained fatal injuries consistent with a fall from a height.

Key Points:

  • Four-year-old Gianna Ann Jito’s tragic death at a Bengaluru school has raised questions about the school’s responsibility.

  • Initial reports suggested she sustained injuries while playing. Still, subsequent revelations indicated fatal injuries consistent with a fall from a height.

  • The mysterious disappearance of the school principal and suspicions of CCTV footage destruction add layers of complexity to the investigation.

The parents, Jito Tommy Joseph and Binita, demand answers and justice for their beloved daughter. They raised suspicions about the involvement of the school nurse and called for a thorough investigation. The situation becomes more complex as the school principal, Thomas Cherian, immediately goes into hiding after the incident involving Gianna’s death.

The police have registered a case and initiated a preliminary investigation, focusing on Thomas Cherian and another school employee. The parents allege that the school principal deliberately destroyed CCTV footage, raising concerns about a potential cover-up. The mysterious disappearance of Principal Cherian has intensified the investigation. Authorities emphasized the importance of locating him to understand the events leading up to the tragic fall.

Adding to the complexity, the parents hint at a possible grudge between them and the principal, pointing to alleged misconduct by a school maid towards their child. The unfolding narrative paints a picture of confusion, sorrow, and a quest for justice within the grieving family.

As the investigation intensifies, the community grapples with the shock of losing a young life. The search for answers continues, hoping that uncovering the truth will bring closure to a grieving family. And hopes to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Gianna’s untimely demise.

Gianna’s body has been laid to rest, first for public viewing in Chellakkara Kalyan Nagar. Later, she was taken to her hometown, Kottayam Manimala, for the final rites scheduled for tomorrow. The community mourns the loss of a young soul and awaits the resolution of the mystery surrounding her tragic end.

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