Horror Unleashed: Acid Attack on College Girls in Karnataka

Malayali Youth Targets Victims in Disturbing Assault

Mangaluru: Authorities have arrested a Malayali youth for a horrific acid attack on college girls in Karnataka after his romantic advances were rejected. Abhin, a 23-year-old MBA student hailing from Nilambur, Malappuram, viciously targeted three female students with acid just before they entered an examination hall.

Victims Suffer Critical Injuries

The victims, Aleena, Archana, and Amrita, suffered critical burn injuries in the unprovoked assault. Initially rushed to Kadaba Government Hospital, they were later shifted to a private facility in Mangalore due to the severity of their wounds.

The disturbing incident unfolded at Kadaba Government College in Dakshina Kannada district. Preliminary reports indicate that Abhin had an infatuation with one girl in the group of three. The other two victims also appear to be of Malayali origin.

After perpetrating the acid attack, Abhin attempted to flee the scene. However, alert students and college staff quickly apprehended the assailant before he could escape. They then handed him over to local police to face charges.

Witnesses described how the three young women were calmly sitting on a college balcony, preparing for their exams, when Abhin struck without warning. Disturbingly, he wore a mask and cap to conceal his identity during the vicious premeditated crime.

Call for Enhanced Security

This sickening case of revenge for perceived romantic rejection has sent shockwaves across the region. It underscores the vital need for better security at educational institutions. Efforts are necessary to address toxic masculinity mindsets that foster such unhinged violence against women.

Abhin’s depraved actions have left the local community reeling in shock and anger. It’s hard to believe a young student could harm three innocent girls so brutally. Yet such entitled misogynistic attitudes that view women as objects sadly persist. This case underscores the need for more action through education and accountability to dismantle patriarchal mindsets.

Colleges like Kadaba must urgently enhance security, including increased surveillance, to safeguard their student populations from lurking predators. Confronting and rejecting toxic masculinity head-on is the only way to eliminate the threat of acid attacks and other gender-based violence. The suffering inflicted upon Aleena, Archana, Amrita, and their families demands a societal reckoning to prevent the cruel disfigurement of other young women’s dreams and futures.

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