HPCA’s Spiritual Quest: Seeking Divine Aid for India’s World Cup Triumph

Puja for Victory and Rain-Free Skies as India Takes on New Zealand in Dharamsala

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) performed a puja on Saturday to seek blessings for India’s World Cup match against New Zealand on Sunday. The puja was also done to avoid any rain disruption at the scenic HPCA stadium in Dharamsala.

The HPCA has been following this tradition for every big event at the stadium. It has done two pujas in the last two weeks for the World Cup. The puja was held at an ancient temple dedicated to Indrunag, the local snake god.

Arun Dhumal, the Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman and a key figure in HPCA, told The Indian Express that the puja was a way of requesting god to bless the function and make it successful. He said that everyone in this region does a puja before any home or marriage function.

India will face New Zealand in their fifth league game of the World Cup. Both teams are unbeaten so far in the tournament. HPCA hopes that god’s blessing will help India win. Dhumal recalled how once, during an IPL game, it rained everywhere in Dharamsala except the stadium. He said that as soon as the match ended, it started raining. He said that they seek god’s blessing for the same on Sunday.

HPCA has also faced some criticism over the outfield condition during some World Cup games. England captain Jos Buttler had warned his teammates to be careful while fielding and called the outfield ‘poor.’ Dhumal defended the outfield and said it was an unnecessary controversy.

He said that those who played the game were fine with it. He said that they complained before the game, but when they scored 350 runs, they were happy with the outfield. He explained that there are two types of grass in the outfield, one for cold and one for summer. He said that they have different shades; one is rai and the other is paspalum grass. He said that people might have misunderstood by seeing it. He said that there was a shade issue, but everything is fine now.

The small stadium is buzzing with excitement, and many VVIPs have informed HPCA that they will attend the game. Dhumal said that his phone has been ringing for the past four days, and requests for passes have continued. He said that everyone wants to be here, and they are trying to accommodate everyone.

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