Homecoming Triumph: Navy Officers Return Home

Celebrating Diplomatic Success and Gratitude Towards Leadership

New Delhi: Former Indian Navy officers thanked the central government and Prime Minister Modi for their safe return from Qatar. The release of eight Indians, previously sentenced to death, with seven of them returning home, has been hailed as a significant diplomatic victory for India.

Jubilant Homecoming: Expressions of Relief

Upon arriving at the Delhi International Airport from Qatar, the former officials expressed profound appreciation for Prime Minister Modi’s intervention, facilitating their repatriation. They credited the central government’s continuous engagement with the Qatari regime for their liberation. It also highlights the pivotal role of diplomatic efforts in securing their release.

With great relief and joy after eighteen months of uncertainty, the returning sailors joyfully chanted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ as they set foot on Indian land again. They acknowledged that their freedom was largely due to Prime Minister Modi’s direct participation and diplomatic conversations with Qatar. The sailors sincerely thanked Indian authorities for facilitating their release and providing legal aid.

Ministry’s Confirmation

The central government confirmed the sailors’ release in an official Ministry of External Affairs statement. And attributed it to the intervention of the Emir of Qatar. The Ministry commended Qatar’s action and welcomed the return of the eight Indians back home. This underscores the success of diplomatic efforts in securing their freedom.

The former Indian Navy officers, including Purnendu Tiwari, Sugunakar Pakala, Amit Nagpal, Sanjeev Gupta, Navtej Singh Gill, Birendra Kumar Verma, Saurabh Vasisht, and Ragesh Gopakumar, were previously incarcerated in Qatar. The Emir’s order for their release followed the cancellation of their death sentences by the court. And later, it substituted them with prison terms.

The sailors reached back home due to India’s diplomatic interventions. Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with the Emir of Qatar during the Dubai Climate Summit on December 1 also helps to bring the focus of Qatar into the issue. This dialogue plays a crucial role in resolving international disputes and ensuring the safety of citizens abroad.

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