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Delhi Police Crack Down on Deceptive Schemes: Fake Dubai Visas and Bogus DDA Flats Scams Unveiled

Eleven Arrested as Police Uncover Elaborate Rackets Defrauding Hundreds in the Capital City

New Delhi: The Delhi Police has arrested 11 people for running two different scams that cheated hundreds of people. One scam involved fake visas for Dubai and the other involved fake DDA flats.

The police caught seven people who were part of a fake visa racket on Monday. They also seized some evidence from their office in Zakir Nagar, Okhla. The mastermind of this racket was Inamul Haq.

This gang used to fool people by offering them visas for Dubai. They asked for ₹ 59,000 as consultation fees from each person. They also used data of Dubai-based companies from online job portals to make their offer look genuine.

On Sunday, the police also nabbed four people who were part of a cyber gang that duped people in the name of the DDA scheme. They had created a fake website called and asked people to fill out a form for flat booking.

One person who filled out the form got a call from someone who claimed to be a senior DDA official. He told him that his application was approved and he had to pay ₹ 50,000. The person paid the money but then he was asked for ₹ 5 lakhs more. He realized that he was being cheated and filed a police complaint.

The police is investigating both the cases and trying to find out how many people have been victimized by these scams.

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