Crackdown in Kashmir: JKPFL Banned Amid Security Concerns

Union Home Ministry Takes Firm Action Against Terrorism in the Region

New Delhi: There are reports of upcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry is taking tough action against groups in Kashmir. The government has banned the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL). It has also extended the ban on Yasin Malik’s Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) for another five years.

The Home Ministry has taken strict steps against the People’s Freedom League. It claims the group supported terrorist activities and anti-India operations in J&K. Home Minister Amit Shah announced on Twitter that the organization cannot function for the next five years. He said the Modi government would not compromise with terrorist groups.

On X (formerly Twitter), Shah declared the Modi government has banned the ‘JKLF (Muhammad Yasin Malik Wing)’ as an illegal group for five years. He said that the banned outfit promotes terrorism and separatism in J&K. Anyone challenging India’s security will face legal action, he warned.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Following PM Modi’s zero tolerance for terrorism, the Home Ministry has also banned four factions of JKPL as illegal. These are JKPL (Mukhtar Wasa), JKPL (Bashir Thota), JKPL (Ghulam Khan led by Yakub Shaikh), and JKPL (Aziz Shaikh). Shah said they incited terrorism and separatism in J&K.

Malik is serving life for waging war against India and raising funds for terror under IPC and UAPA. Earlier this year, the NIA sought the death penalty for him.

In another development, Malik’s wife Mushal was appointed adviser to the Pakistani PM. She was made Special Adviser to PM Anwarul Haq on women’s empowerment and human rights in the caretaker government.

A former JKLF commander is in Tihar Jail after being convicted of funding terror. Malik and Mushal married in 2009 in Islamabad, with senior Pakistani leaders attending.

Mushal is the daughter of Pakistani professor MA Hussain and PML activist Rehana Hussain. She met Malik in 2005 after graduating from the London School of Economics. They have a 12-year-old daughter.

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