Complex Plot Revealed: Parliament Smoke Attack Mastermind Identified

Recent Investigations Expose Shocking Details of Planned Assault, Prompting National Security Reevaluation

A shocking planned smoke attack in the Parliament yesterday shook the nation’s sense of security. The mastermind, Lalit Jha, a Bengal native and teacher, orchestrated the operation, capturing the attention of the nation and leaving law enforcement agencies scrambling to piece together the puzzle.

Planning and Preparation
According to the Delhi Police, the accused, members of the “Justice for Azad Bhagat Singh” Facebook group, initiated their planning as early as January. Lalit Jha, a key figure, was reportedly present outside Parliament, filming the entire incident. The accused meticulously planned their move, meeting at various locations, including India Gate, where canisters for the attack were exchanged. 

The accused were friends connected through social media for four years, particularly the ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club’ page. They bypassed security measures and entered the new Parliament building during a session, creating chaos similar to the scenes witnessed outside.

Motivations and Ideology
The defendants claimed their entry into Parliament was a protest against government policies, focusing on issues like unemployment, agricultural problems, rising prices, and the Manipur situation. The accused disclosed these motives during the extensive interrogation until the early hours.

Backgrounds of the Accused
The six individuals arrested in connection with the incident have diverse backgrounds. D. Manoranjan, a 35-year-old from Mysuru, holds an engineering degree in computer science but turned to farming after failing to secure a job. Sagar Sharma, a Lucknow native, worked in Bengaluru before returning home and driving e-rickshaws for a living. Neelam Devi, an MPhil graduate, struggled with joblessness, and Amol Shinde from Maharashtra expressed disappointment over failed army recruitment attempts.

Chronology of the Attack
The attack carried out on the 22nd anniversary of the New Delhi Parliament attack, involved members storming the Lok Sabha and executing a smoke attack. Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, recommended by BJP’s Lok Sabha member Pratap Simha, entered the visitor’s gallery and leaped into the House during the recess. Outside, Neelam Devi and Amol Shinde lit cigarettes and shouted slogans. The group met at India Gate, where Shinde distributed cigarettes purchased from Maharashtra.

Investigation and Future Steps
As the investigation progresses, the police are on the lookout for Lalit Jha and Vishal Sharma’s wife, adding more layers to the unfolding narrative. UAPA charges have been filed, and the National Investigation Agency’s involvement is being considered, marking a crucial phase in the legal proceedings.

The Parliament smoke attack exposed a significant security lapse. It unveiled a complex network of individuals united by social media connections and shared grievances. As the nation grapples with the aftermath, questions about the effectiveness of security protocols, the motivations of the accused, and the broader implications for national security linger. The meticulous planning and execution of this incident underscore the challenges law enforcement agencies face in an era dominated by digital connectivity and social media influence.

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