Celebrating Parakram Diwas 2024: Unveiling Netaji’s Legacy and Bharat Parv Extravaganza

A Commemoration of Courage, Culture, and Global Impact, Infused with Vibrant Festivities and a Digital Showcase

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s unwavering commitment to the country’s independence and courageous spirit. When we start celebrating Parakram Diwas, an annual celebration of his exceptional life, in 2024, it takes on new significance. It incorporates cultural tributes, historical reflection, and an acknowledgement of Netaji’s immense influence on a global scale.

Historical Prelude:

Parakram Diwas is based on the resilient and courageous life of Netaji. His voyage, motivated by a sincere wish for India to be free, set the stage for a timeless yearly celebration that grows more meaningful.

2024 Theme:

The subject for this year’s Parakram Diwas embodies all of Netaji’s diverse achievements. It serves as a compass, directing the remembrances toward a concentrated celebration of his principles, guidance, and aspirations for India.

National Tapestry of Celebrations:
The Ministry of Culture organizes national festivities with prestigious organizations like the National School of Drama, Sahitya Akademi, National Archives of India, and the Archaeological Survey of India. Honouring Netaji, public personalities and dignitaries unite to create a symphony of remembrance reverberating throughout the country.

Regional Kaleidoscope:

Parakram Diwas extends its embrace beyond national borders, reaching India’s diverse regions and communities. Local initiatives, parades, and exhibitions have become threads in the cultural tapestry that Netaji’s legacy has woven into the nation’s fabric.

Tributes and Memorials:

The Red Fort holds a dedicated museum that preserves the legacy of Bose and the Azad Hind Fauj since 2019. This section pays homage to key figures from the Red Fort Trials, immortalizing their commitment to India’s freedom.

Red Fort’s Transformation:

The iconic Red Fort transforms into a canvas for a projection mapping show during the commemorative event. Artists from the National School of Drama illuminate their walls with tales of bravery and sacrifice. It creates a visually stunning fusion of history and art. The Red Fort has become a living testament to the unwavering resolve of the Azad Hind Fauj.

Immersive Experience and Exhibitions:

Visitors immerse themselves in rare photographs and documents showcasing Netaji’s remarkable journey. Painting and sculpture workshops offer hands-on experiences, while AR and VR exhibitions provide a unique and interactive perspective on historical events.

Inclusivity and Recognition:

The event offers free entry to visitors. Special recognition is given to veterans of the Indian National Army, ensuring that their contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.

Legacy and Inspirations:

As we reflect on Netaji’s legacy, it becomes apparent that his ideals inspire future generations. This section explores how his life guides those striving for a better, more inclusive India.

Global Homage

Parakram Diwas transcends borders, with international leaders and organizations recognizing and honouring Netaji’s global contributions. The global observance underscores the universal impact of his legacy.

Observing Parakram Diwas in 2024 is a communal homage to a visionary leader who was instrumental in determining India’s future. Let us honour Parakram Diwas in our thoughts and deeds as we draw to a close to this investigation.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose will celebrate the country’s resurgent spirit at Parakram Diwas 2024. Let’s work together to ensure his legacy inspires future generations and promotes a prosperous and unified India.

Integrating ‘Bharat Parv’

The Ministry of Tourism presents ‘Bharat Parv,’ a nine-day event from January 23 to January 31 among these festivities. Prime Minister Modi will digitally inaugurate this event as part of the Parakram Diwas 2024 project. ‘Bharat Parv’ showcases Republic Day Tableau and cultural displays, providing a unique opportunity to experience the variety of the country. This festival invites people worldwide to interact, contemplate, and celebrate the nation’s resurging spirit in front of the Red Fort at Madhav Das Park and Ram Leela Maidan.

Twenty-six ministries and departments contribute to ‘Bharat Parv,’ showcasing citizen-focused programs, Vocal for Local campaigns, and various tourism sites. This addition seamlessly weaves another layer of significance into the 2024 Parakram Diwas festivities, offering a singular chance to immerse oneself in the depths of India’s cultural fabric. The integration of ‘Bharat Parv’ enriches the celebration and emphasizes the diversity and unity inherent in Netaji’s vision for India.

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