BJP’s New Sufi Outreach: Reaching Out to India’s Largest Religious Minority

The BJP’s New Outreach: Engaging with Sufis to Connect with Muslims

To reach out to India’s most significant religious minority, the Sufis, the BJP has launched a new initiative called the Sufi Samvad Maha Abhiyan, or Sufi dialogue. The ruling party has organized events to involve around 200 Sufis from different dargahs, encouraging them to convey government policies and programs to Muslims all over India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi deeply respects the Sufi tradition, recognizing their role in promoting diversity and inclusivity. The BJP’s goal is not to recruit Sufis but to create a channel for communication, understanding the challenges faced by Sufis and the needs of ordinary Muslims.

This initiative has set up committees in 22 states, believing that terrorism tends to weaken where Sufism is strong and vice versa. The timing of this outreach is crucial, happening just before the Lok Sabha elections in five states, with a particular focus on Uttar Pradesh, where outreach programs will connect with over 10,000 Sufi dargahs.

The campaign also has a slogan: “Na doori hai na khaai hai, Modi hamara bhai hai,” emphasizing the party’s commitment to bridging gaps and building relationships with Muslim communities. Sufi saints, known for their values of brotherhood among all communities, provide a unique platform for the BJP to expand its influence among Muslims.

With these diverse outreach programs, the BJP addresses Muslims as distinct segments rather than a uniform community. The Pasmanda outreach focuses on backward-class Muslims and challenges the notion that caste issues only affect Hindu society. Simultaneously, the Sufi outreach highlights the inclusive nature of Sufism, particularly within the Chishti Order, setting it apart from more dogmatic sections of the Muslim community. This approach represents a shift in the BJP’s engagement with religious and social diversity in India.

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