Nitish Kumar’s Alliance Shift Bihar: Resignation Sparks Political Turmoil

Grand Alliance Breakdown, BJP Support, and Operation Lotus Speculations

Patna: Nitish Kumar’s alliance shift in Bihar happens again with his resignation as Bihar’s chief minister. It indicated his return to the NDA coalition, marking the beginning of the collapse. As rumours circulate, there appears to be a well-planned strategic attempt to form a government with the backing of the BJP.

Key Points:

  • INDIA Alliance Collapse and Nitish’s Resignation: The grand alliance crumbles as Nitish resigns as Chief Minister. His decision to rejoin the NDA alliance indicates a strategic shift in political dynamics.
  • Potential Operation Lotus: Speculations arise regarding “Operation Lotus,” which aims to split the Congress party. The unavailability of nine Congress MLAs suggests an ongoing operation, complicating the political landscape and benefiting the BJP.
  • Ninth Term for Nitish Kumar: Nitish Kumar is poised to continue as Chief Minister, marking his ninth term, despite the turmoil.

Simultaneously, there are murmurings of “Operation Lotus” in Bihar, aiming to splinter the Congress party. Reports hint at the unavailability of nine Congress MLAs, suggestive of an ongoing operation. Nitish Kumar’s switch sides significantly favor the BJP, dealing a heavy blow to the Congress party.

Despite resigning, Nitish is expected to continue as chief minister, as the JDU and BJP have reportedly agreed to maintain the status quo until the next election. More rumors suggest Nitish will take over as NDA convener in 2025. After meeting with MLAs, he tendered his resignation, with Sushil Modi and Renu Devi appointed as Deputy Chief Ministers. The BJP plans to take up the roles that the RJD holds.

This political realignment marks Nitish Kumar’s ninth term as Chief Minister, a testament to his political skills. With JD (U), BJP, and Hindustani Awam Morcha secular party, the NDA boasts a substantial majority. Secure the support of 127 MLAs out of the required 122 for government formation. The potential addition of Congress MLAs further strengthens their position.

Nitish Kumar’s political maneuverability, outlining his previous coalition forms, rifts, and alliances. He has strategically navigated his political career, making calculated moves to preserve his reputation and authority, starting with his early affiliations with the BJP and the grand coalition with the RJD and Congress.

Nitish Kumar’s move to switch allies once more opens a new chapter in political history as the state navigates this most recent political storm. The complex web of political pacts, scheming, and Nitish Kumar’s deft maneuvers highlights how fluid Bihar’s political system is. The ending sets the stage for what’s to come by having readers reflect on the persistent unpredictability of political allegiances in the area.

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