21 Lakh SIM Cards Issued with Fake Identity Cards: Uncovering India’s SIM Card Scandal

Discover How Fraudulent Activations Threaten National Security and Prompt Vigilant Measures

New Delhi: At least 21 lakh SIM cards in India have been activated using fake ID records, revealing a shocking discovery of SIM card scandal. The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting discovered in a survey and analyzed 114 crore mobile connections using artificial intelligence (AI). This helped make a major discovery that could threaten national security.

The ministry gave a list of suspected users to telecom firms, including BSNL, Bharti Airtel, MTNL, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone Idea. The ministry told these firms to check documents again and cancel any fake connections right away. Authorities believe these numbers are being used for crimes or online fraud. The inspection happened because fraud cases were rising.

Sanchar Sathi Scheme Implementation

The checks were part of the ‘Sanchar Sathi‘ scheme. This scheme lets people know which mobile connections are in their name and lets them cut off any unused SIMs. A notice was sent to telecom operators to provide a list of suspicious users. It asked for immediate re-verification of records and to disconnect any fake connections. Many people have multiple SIMs with the same name. They do this by giving fake documents or unclear name details.

The ministry found that many firms gave more than nine SIM cards to one person. This is not allowed, so these extra connections will be cut off. The Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP) also disconnects mobile numbers blocked by social media, banks, etc., for breaking laws. After complaints, the Central Department of Telecom has already blocked 59 lakh fraud SIM cards.

These cancellations included 17 lakh SIMs for having too many SIMs, 4 lakh at police demand, 23 lakh due to user complaints, and 1.5 lakh mobile handsets. Sancharsathi allows blocking of a handset’s IMEI number, but fraudsters keep cheating on other platforms using blocked numbers.

Enhanced Security with Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP)

With DIP, SIM card scandal can’t happen anymore. If DIP blocks a number, it can’t be used elsewhere. Banks, social media, wallet firms, and police can easily check fraud numbers. Using the department will further clean the data by removing SIMs with fake documents.

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