Unraveling the San Mateo Tragedy: A Tale of Loss and Mystery

Investigating the Mysterious Deaths of a Model Couple and Their Children in San Mateo

California: The mystery surrounding the tragic incident in which Kollam natives were found deceased in San Mateo, California, USA, remains unresolved. Authorities have confirmed that Anand Sujit Henty (42) took his own life by shooting his wife, Alice Priyanka (40). Questions persist about the circumstances of their four-year-old twins, Noah and Nathan. Official confirmation of the children’s demise is pending, awaiting a post-mortem report.

Police Investigation

San Mateo Police disclosed that the investigative team is probing factors contributing to the crime. The inquiry focuses on potential familial discord and financial distress, suspected marital disharmony, and mental health issues as motives. Alice’s body bore multiple gunshot wounds, indicating a tragic end. Subsequently, Anand took his own life.

In 2016, the couple initiated divorce proceedings but did not progress further. Relatives revealed the twins were born after this period. Neighbors attested to the couple’s outward harmony. However, a deeper investigation revealed hidden complexities.

Residence and Career

The couple relocated to San Mateo in 2020, acquiring a million-dollar residence. Anand, a software engineer, had a tenure at Google and Meta before starting his venture, Logits, focusing on artificial intelligence. Recent inquiries reveal the startup’s defunct website, raising further suspicions.

Timeline of Events

Authorities scrutinized the timeline of the children’s demise, awaiting post-mortem findings to ascertain their sequence. Anand’s two brothers arrived in the US upon learning of his demise, adding another layer to the tragedy.

A pistol, allegedly acquired for revenge against Alice, was found in the bathroom. Alice Priyanka, the only daughter of the late Benzigarjuliet couple, tragically met her demise at her spouse’s hands.

Local media reported Alice was found deceased in the bathtub, with Anand subsequently taking his own life. Tragically, the children’s bodies were discovered in a bedroom. Alice, a Data Science Manager at ‘Zillo,’ leaves a void.

Discovery and Response

Events leading up to the incident’s discovery unfolded on the 12th morning. Juliet, Alice’s mother, attempted to reach her daughter via WhatsApp, alerting a relative upon receiving no response. Subsequently, law enforcement discovered the tragic scene.

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