Unraveling the Mystery of the San Mateo Malayali Family Tragedy

Exploring the Complexities of Divorce, Admiration, and Tragic Loss in California

California: The tragic demise of a four-member Malayali family in San Mateo, California, USA, has raised suspicions of underlying family problems. The deceased individuals, hailing from Kollam, include Anand Sujit Henry (42), son of Dr G. Henry and Shanthamma, his wife Alice Priyanka (40), and their twin boys Noah and Nathan (4).

Legal Separation and Lingering Affection

A US-based IndiacNews reports Anand and Alice filed for divorce in an American court in 2016, finalized in 2017. However, despite the legal separation, they reportedly still live together, hinting at lingering affection. Alice Priyanka, an alumna of TKM College of Engineering, had allegedly kept the divorce documents accessible online. Surprisingly, neighbors were unaware of any discord within the family, adding to the mystery surrounding the case.

Investigations and Speculations

Initial investigations suggest that Anand may have orchestrated the deaths of his wife and children. Police suspect he poisoned the children before fatally shooting his wife. The motive appears deliberate, given the presence of a firearm at the scene. Further inquiries will delve into the weapon’s origins and relatives’ statements to uncover the truth behind the tragedy.

Unraveling the Mystery

The bodies of Anand Sujit Henty and Alice Priyanka were found with bullet wounds, with a pistol discovered nearby, leading to the conclusion that Anand took his own life after committing the heinous act. However, the circumstances surrounding the children’s deaths remain shrouded in mystery, with police exploring various avenues. Initially, speculation centered on inhalation of poisonous gas, potentially from a heater used to combat the cold. The bodies were discovered at 9:15 am American time on the 12th.

Alice Priyanka, the daughter of the late Benzigarjuliet couple, returned from America on the 11th, only to tragically discover the fate of her family the following day. Concerns arose when attempts to contact Anand and Alice went unanswered, prompting a friend to alert the authorities. Upon investigation, the police discovered a harrowing scene within the confines of their residence.

Anand, formerly employed at Google, had recently ventured into entrepreneurship, while Alice held a senior analyst position. The family had relocated to America seven years prior and had yet to return. Anand’s brother, Ajit Henty, has since returned to America to navigate cultural and familial matters. The American authorities have pledged to explore all possibilities in their investigation.

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