Unlocking Opportunities: Part-Time Work Permits for Foreigners in Kuwait

Navigating the Job Landscape with Ease - A New Era for Expats and Economic Growth

Kuwait: The Public Authority for Manpower introduced a groundbreaking change by providing part-time work permits for foreigners. It marks a significant shift in the employment dynamics of the country. The decision may give expat workers a substantial opportunity to engage in part-time employment on a considerable scale.

Key Points:

  • Part-Time Work Permits: Part-time work permits for foreigners signify a major shift in the country’s employment dynamics.
  • Simplified Application Process: Using the Mobile app, Sahel streamlines the application process for expatriates.
  • Strategic Goals and Demographic Context: An initiative to support entrepreneurs, enhance the job market, and effectively utilize Kuwait’s foreign labour force.

Securing these specialized part-time work permits has been simplified for the expatriate community. The introduction of the Sahel app, a user-friendly online tool provided by the Manpower Authority. It ensures a seamless application process, enabling foreigners to swiftly obtain approval for their part-time work endeavours.

Under the innovative plan, expatriates legally residing and working in Kuwait can now explore part-time job opportunities. However, individuals must adhere to regulations; most part-time positions are limited to four hours daily. But construction workers enjoy a more flexible schedule.

The main objectives of this innovative idea are to help entrepreneurs, improve the job market, and efficiently use Kuwait’s foreign labour force. Kuwait aims to balance the nation’s foreign and domestic residents. With a total population of 4.5 million, two-thirds are foreigners, and the government formed a special committee to plan and carry out policies to achieve a more balanced demographic makeup.

Expatriates eager to seize the opportunities presented by these part-time jobs must pay a nominal fee for the work permit. The fees are reasonable – KD 5 per month, KD 10 for three months, KD 20 for six months, and KD 30 for an entire year. In contrast, Kuwaiti citizens face no preconditions or fees for part-time employment.

This progressive shift is anticipated to curtail the influx of foreign workers from other nations to undertake straightforward tasks. Kuwait is steering towards a new direction, affording expatriates expanded work opportunities. This initiative marks a commendable stride towards a fortified economy and a more equitable balance between local and expatriate residents.

In conclusion, initiating part-time work permits in Kuwait heralds a significant milestone. It symbolizes a fresh start for employment in the country, presenting foreign workers with increased prospects. Beyond mere job opportunities, this change is a collective endeavour to enhance overall well-being. As Kuwait propels forward, this program underscores a forward-thinking approach, envisioning a workforce that is both inclusive and balanced.

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