Tragedy Strikes in Ajman: Fatal Collision Claims Lives of Emirati Family Returning from New Year Celebration

Heartbreaking Incident Unfolds on Al Watan Street, Leaving a Community Grieving and Advocating Road Safety

Al Watan Street in the Masfout area of Ajman, a tragedy occurred in an Emirati family as their SUV collided with a truck. And they were claiming the lives of four family members and a relative. The victims, an Emirati man, his wife, two daughters, and his niece, were returning from a New Year holiday in Dubai’s Hatta City when their world was shattered.

The accident reported to Ajman Police at 1 am on Monday, unfolded after the distracted driver crashed their four-wheel-drive into a truck ahead. The collision took a devastating toll, leaving five lives extinguished. At the same time, two other girls from the same family endured moderate injuries and are now recovering in Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Masfout.

This unfortunate chapter in the Abu Dhabi family’s history ended on Monday night with a sad burial in the Bani Yas cemetery. The Ajman Police General Command offered their sympathies to the deceased’s family. And asked all motorists to drive cautiously, respect speed limits, and maintain their attention on the road.

This devastating event has left a lasting legacy of suffering that serves as a reminder of the impermanence of life. And the necessity of constant attention to the road. The scars from this horrific crash that drastically changed the path of the surviving family members’ lives will surely make the road to recovery complex.

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