Terror Strikes Moscow: IS-K Claims Responsibility for Deadly Attack

Unveiling the Horrors of the Recent Terrorist Assault in the Russian Capital

The Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K) has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in the Russian capital, Moscow. The organization released a statement through its social media channels, taking credit for the deadly assault. IS-K, an affiliate of ISIS in Afghanistan, is considered one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations operating in the region.

IS-K is based in the eastern Afghan province of Khorasan, which borders Turkmenistan and Iran. The terrorist organization first surfaced in 2014 and gained notoriety for a slew of horrific assaults. According to reports, Russia is getting ready to take revenge on the group. Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies have issued a warning over the potential for ISIS attack in Russia.

Five armed attackers reportedly opened fire on the gathering at Crocus City Hall, and the shooting continued for around 20 minutes. The attackers increased the scope of the incident by setting off bombs inside the hall twice after the first round of shooting. It caused the terrible loss of sixty-two lives. Following the attack, 115 individuals—five of them children—were admitted to hospitals, according to Russian authorities.

Brutal Assault Unleashed

A group of assailants dressed as soldiers and armed with guns opened fire on the crowd attending the event. Subsequently, the building caught fire due to a bomb explosion. Efforts to extinguish the flames are underway, as many people are trapped inside the burning structure.

Immediately after the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility through a message, describing it as an assault on a large gathering of Christians. The terrorists also claimed to have evacuated their operatives to a safe location. Russian officials have stated that a search for the attackers is underway. Widely circulated social media footage clearly shows the assailants walking through the hall with guns.

The assailants gained entry to the music venue by shooting down the guards. They managed to escape before Russian special forces arrived at the scene. Authorities are currently examining footage of the vehicle used by the assailants during their attempted getaway.

Global Condemnation and Support

India’s response to the disaster has been described as a crime against humanity and an act of horror. In this terrible circumstance, the prime minister of India pledged the nation’s unflinching support to Russia and its people. The attack has drawn global condemnation from throughout the world, with the US calling it an act of terror. The European Union, France, Spain, and Italy also condemned it.

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