Safeguarding Road Safety: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Crack Down on Reckless Behavior

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei Urges Collective Responsibility in Preventing Traffic Accidents

Dubai: In response to a concerning trend, Dubai and Abu Dhabi traffic authorities are taking strict measures against risky road behavior. Specifically, the practice of passengers sticking their heads out of sunroofs or sitting on windows of moving vehicles. The crackdown follows a notable increase in traffic accidents last year. Due to this behavior, many individuals who fell from moving vehicles sustained injuries.

Key Points

  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi authorities are cracking down on risky road behavior. Specifically targeting passengers sticking their heads out of sunroofs or sitting on windows of moving vehicles.

  • Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei emphasizes the severe penalties imposed on offenders under the Federal Traffic Law, including fines, traffic points, and vehicle impoundment.

  • There is a call for collective responsibility, urging cooperation between the community and law enforcement agencies to prevent traffic accidents.

Dire Consequences of Recklessness

The Director of Dubai Police’s General Department of Traffic, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, emphasized the grave dangers of such a step. They put other drivers in danger in addition to posing a risk to the safety of those involved. The Federal Traffic Law imposes harsh penalties on offenders. In addition to 23 traffic points and a high cost of Dh2,000, the penalties include 60 days of car impoundment. The cost of reclaiming an impounded car can reach Dh50,000.

Call for Collective Responsibility

Similarly, Abu Dhabi Police’s Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrols released a statement pleading that drivers follow traffic laws and police directives. Al Mazrouei emphasized the risks of propping one’s head out of a moving car or perching on windows. He stressed that abrupt stops or crashes could result in serious injury. Such careless actions also endanger incoming motorists, which raises the possibility of more collisions.

Al Mazrouei emphasized that the community and law enforcement organizations must work together to prevent traffic accidents. A lot of incidents are preventable and arise from people breaking traffic laws. To increase road safety, he urged the public to cooperate, traffic laws to be strictly followed, and positive behaviors to be fostered.

A startling 1,183 infractions of reckless driving were reported in Dubai by the General Directorate of Traffic last year. This led to the 707 cars being impounded. The safety of all road users is still dependent on compliance with traffic laws and reasonable driving habits, even as authorities step up their efforts to stop reckless driving.

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